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So what are you wearing today on this beautiful early September day?

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Gobbledigook Fri 05-Sep-08 12:10:39

Black vest (Tesco)
Dark grey fleece (Technicals)
Grey long wool cardigan (Monsoon)
Jeans (Fat Face)
Thick fluffy socks (nabbed from a friend)

With feet resting on a hot water bottle shock

cupsoftea Fri 05-Sep-08 12:12:54

Landsend trews & top,
Laura ashley blouse

smurfgirl Fri 05-Sep-08 12:15:35

Hahaha I know its sooo chilly!

Jeans (Matalan)
Turquoise long sleeve v-neck jumper (one of those stretchy fitted ones) (Asda)
White vest (River Island)
My socks and underwear are from M&S I think?

IdrisTheDragon Fri 05-Sep-08 12:16:20

Brown long corduroy skirt (Tesco?)
Purple short sleeved top (Peacocks)
Snuggly and warm black cardigan (Tesco)
Sandals (Clarks)

The weather had better perk up over the weekend - people with birthdays on Monday need nice weather smile

SorenLorensen Fri 05-Sep-08 12:16:24

Green T-shirt (White Stuff)
Cream hooded cardigan (Tesco)
Jeans (John Rocha at Debenhams - how poncey does that sound?)
Brown stripey knee length socks (M&S)
White and polka dot slippers (M&S)

And today I got my boots out of the wardrobe and wore them to take ds2 to school. I think 'summer' is over.

FluffyMummy123 Fri 05-Sep-08 12:16:41

Message withdrawn

RubyRioja Fri 05-Sep-08 12:17:39

Still wearing summer fatface range as will not give in to autumn.

NB am wearing every item I own to stay warm

shinyshoes Fri 05-Sep-08 12:17:48

my nightie still grin

FluffyMummy123 Fri 05-Sep-08 12:18:39

Message withdrawn

TheFallenMadonna Fri 05-Sep-08 12:18:58

Jeans (Fat Face)
Brown long sleeve t shirt (DP)
Blue cardigan (White Stuff)

Gobbledigook Fri 05-Sep-08 12:19:19

Today for the school run I wore my Timberland boots (about 5 yrs old and totally trashed so ideal for wet weather!) and my North Face proper Arctic winter coat. Brrr..

Gobbledigook Fri 05-Sep-08 12:20:11

Nice fishter - are you not freeeeezing?!

ChippyMinton Fri 05-Sep-08 12:20:43

Boyfriend jeans (next)
blue print reversible hoody (white stuff)
turquoise scoop neck tshirt (tesco)

Must go and put some socks on, now you mention it shock

cupsoftea Fri 05-Sep-08 12:21:03

No rain for school but have my wellies at the ready - wore m&s ballet pumps & longchamp handbag

FluffyMummy123 Fri 05-Sep-08 12:21:32

Message withdrawn

Gobbledigook Fri 05-Sep-08 12:22:18

God, the rain has been torrential on every school run. Yesterday it was bright and sunny all afternoon as I sat in a friend's conservatory - then it lashed it down big time from about 3.15 to 3.45. YOu can set your blardy watch by it.

Buda Fri 05-Sep-08 12:23:16

Greyish linen trousers (Gorgeous at Debenhams)
Red t-shirt (John Rocha at Debenhams)
flip-flops in house / Birkies outside

It is a balmy 28 and sunny here!

Gobbledigook Fri 05-Sep-08 12:23:19

Oooh, he shares his birthday with my dad (and zillions of other people obviously!)

Mine soon!

Gobbledigook Fri 05-Sep-08 12:23:46

Oh Buda envy

anniemac Fri 05-Sep-08 12:23:47

Message withdrawn

cupsoftea Fri 05-Sep-08 12:23:52

Usually rains am & pm for school - it rained late morning & will restart very soon!!!

MrsMattie Fri 05-Sep-08 12:24:10

Stretchy black jersey trousers from M&S
Turquoise butterfly motif maternity top from H&M
Ugg boots

I look a right state but it's pissing down and I'm indoors and don't care!

Pinkjenny Fri 05-Sep-08 12:24:12

'Boyfriend' type jeans
White long sleeved t-shirt
Black pashmina worn as scarf
White stan smith adidas trainers

LoveMyGirls Fri 05-Sep-08 12:25:29

Jeans (dotty p's)
top (asda)
hoodie jacket (shop at cheshire oaks)
socks (asda)
sketchers (very comfy but smell a bit tbh!)

Piffle Fri 05-Sep-08 12:26:09

jeans (lee boyfit if this info vital)
Sports bra
Khaki vest top
Hot pink fitted cotton cardy
Socks shock for firsttime in months

I'm not wearing enough it would seem, that is if my nipples appearing like wheel nuts under it all are any indication.
Fricking grim
Have not had to water the flowers once yet this year!

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