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flat boot to wear with dresses for skint person

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Cappuccino Thu 04-Sep-08 15:06:58

can it be found?

go awwwn

Lizzylou Thu 04-Sep-08 15:07:57

Oh I hope so

Nbg Thu 04-Sep-08 15:08:33


cornsilk Thu 04-Sep-08 15:10:57

some on this site

Lizzylou Thu 04-Sep-08 15:11:34

Those are lovely, I've never heard of that site before.

Cappuccino Thu 04-Sep-08 15:45:21

oh sorry


nbg mmm... good work

PuppyMonkey Thu 04-Sep-08 15:49:39


PuppyMonkey Thu 04-Sep-08 15:50:39

Ooh sorry, only just saw the skint person bit, sorry....

Nbg Thu 04-Sep-08 15:52:40

Very good reduction Not sure about style.
again good reduction and just a teeny tiny heel

PuppyMonkey Thu 04-Sep-08 15:52:42

These are nice too. Maybe they'll have a sale... sad

Cappuccino Thu 04-Sep-08 15:53:46


they're not flat either

PuppyMonkey Thu 04-Sep-08 15:58:26

But apart from that, i've ticked ALL the boxes!! grin

Cappuccino Thu 04-Sep-08 16:00:01


Nbg Thu 04-Sep-08 16:01:13

What about mine, you glorified cup of coffee.
Eh eh eh???

CatIsSleepy Thu 04-Sep-08 16:03:37

ok don't laugh at me but last year I bought some girls' boots from vertbaudet
had some kind of discount code so i got 25% off so they ended up about £28
they were a bit like these

very comfy
sizes a bit weird though

<runs away>

Cappuccino Thu 04-Sep-08 16:04:37

i really like the faith ones that you're not sure about, but I can't see the back, and it seems to have some detailing

Nbg Thu 04-Sep-08 16:04:57

Actually cat, its a good idea.

I got some kids ones from the Next sale a couple of months ago. They were a fiver grin

Cappuccino Thu 04-Sep-08 16:06:10

cat those are good

wish they were black

filthymindedvixen Thu 04-Sep-08 16:06:24

those Monta ones, do I like them? Or do I just like them because they are so cheap??
Help, I like flat rubber soles and I like knee length. Do we think jeans could be tucked into them at all?

Not a good phot is it?

Nbg Thu 04-Sep-08 16:06:34

I didnt know what sort of style you'd want considering your wearing them with dresses.

I think the detailing is like laces going all the way up the back.

Fimbo Thu 04-Sep-08 16:08:22

Primark have black flat boots - they have buckles on them. I think they may have been leather - £15 but were going quickly yesterday.

Cappuccino Thu 04-Sep-08 16:08:44

yes filthy I was wondering that

"ooh those are nice they are less than £30"

but would you look twice at em if they were a normal price

difficult to know, isn't it?

mind you beggars can't be choosers

CatIsSleepy Thu 04-Sep-08 16:09:26

oh, phew
these are black but more bikerish

filthymindedvixen Thu 04-Sep-08 16:10:27

well exactly, definitely beggar here at the moment.

They'd look great with skirts I reckon. And at that price, you could treat yself to really nice pair in jan sales as well.

Cappuccino Thu 04-Sep-08 16:10:49

I don't know

what can you wear with dresses?

I don't mean office-smart, I mean more kicky abouty

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