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student wardrobe ideas req'd.

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OsmosisBanana Thu 04-Sep-08 14:09:52

Right, am going back to uni in a couple of weeks, am 29, 5'7" and a 10/12.

As I have been working full time for so long I don't have a vast array of casual yet 'funky' wear and don't want to look like a fuddy duddy. What do I buy?

I have about £400 to spend. Have been squirreling away £2 coins all year for this spree so don't flame me.

Am thinking might just go to Topshop and let them boss me around.

Bobbiewickham Thu 04-Sep-08 14:17:41

Good jeans - a couple of pairs, if poss.

Go to Topshop and get some long sleeved t-shirts/vests for layering.

Perhaps a couple of tunics?

A waistcoat?

Some converse?

Enjoy your spree! Why would anyone flame you?

bundle Thu 04-Sep-08 14:19:41

there was a lovely, shortish a-line skirt (think it had some button detail) in gap yesterday. would look great with opaques and some funky flat shoes.

Overmydeadbody Thu 04-Sep-08 14:21:53


New Look

and best of all, H & M.

Some jeans, some cords, lots of funky tops and plain coloured tops you can layer over each other

Primark might alos be good if you have one near you?

I think the key is colour and not officey wear.

Lots of accesories. Lice casual neclaces bracelets beads scarves etc.

Can I come along and helpo you choose? I love going shopping with other people and choosing stuff for them!grin

Enjoy your spree. Let us know what you get.

Overmydeadbody Thu 04-Sep-08 14:22:43

oh yes, skirts and tights/leggings

bundle Thu 04-Sep-08 14:23:08

peacoats v ths season

NoblesseOblige Thu 04-Sep-08 14:24:38

deffo H&M.

topshop good but you will get about 8 things with £400.

H&M you will get about 40 grin

OsmosisBanana Thu 04-Sep-08 14:26:53

Was just waiting for someone to come along and say '£400 to spend on clothes?! You'll be a student with a child, be sensible'

or something equally 'helpful'.

Thanks guys!

I am going to take DH with me as he is actually a much better shopper than me. I tend to poke my head in the door and go 'meh' if I don't spot something immediately. He will make me try on stuff I wouldn't have even given a second glance to.

Am hoping my leaving do hangover isn't too monnstrous, otherwise might just go and hang out in Debenhams and make a personal shopper do the legwork!

Need a pair of flat slouchy type boots too I think if going to get away with tights / leggings.

OsmosisBanana Thu 04-Sep-08 14:27:50

I've always wanted a peacoat but have just bought eye bleedingly bright orange twiggy style button up trench instead....

NoblesseOblige Thu 04-Sep-08 14:29:52

my dh is fab at shopping too! i swear he is really gay...grin

Fimbo Thu 04-Sep-08 14:30:39

Primark is good for basics. They had long sleeved tops for £2 in a variety of colours.

New Look Hula Jeans £10 - fab

Primark also have Ugg rip offs (if you like that type of thing) - £6 full leg £4 for the ankle type ones.

moopymoo Thu 04-Sep-08 14:34:13

do ya know when I was a mature student I just went in my style of regular clothes - sometimes jeans and stuff but also sometimes more 'grown up' clothes. If student funky is a long way from how you normally dress you might just look like you are trying too hard. IMO spend your hard-squirreled pennies on clothes you like, for example what you would wear if you were going out with mates for lunch. Have fun.

OsmosisBanana Thu 04-Sep-08 14:40:49

i DO WEAR RESONABLY FUNKY CLOTHES, IT'S JUST BEEN A WHILE SINCE i BOUGHT ANYTHING. i TEND TO GO IN FITS AND STARTS... Ooops. ie - When I can brave the horror that is Bristol city centre..

Also have been refusing to buy anything new until I lost a couple of the excess lbs bought on by a few months of excess drinking. Muppet that I am.

I hate miserable shopping, always have to go in full make up and freshly 'groomed' otherwise may as well throw in the towel!

Why do dressing rooms always make you look so bad??

bundle Thu 04-Sep-08 15:20:45

hate cheapo t-shirts/tops

M&S/Gap do much nicer ones. better to save money on other stuff than skimp on garments next to your body


nailpolish Thu 04-Sep-08 15:27:35

la redoute

they have loads of special codes etc all the time

heres one for a free trenchcoat and £15 off if you spend over £20


OsmosisBanana Thu 04-Sep-08 15:56:19

sadly DH and I are such 2nd rate citizens we aren't even allowed an electron card. Don't ask me how this happened. We have a mortgage FGS.

Agree with cheapo items next to body. Can't bear the thought of dashing to lecture, soaked from rain, sweating from nasty garments.

Having said that though... I'm a sucker for a 'bargain'. Bargain my ass.

bundle Thu 04-Sep-08 16:03:46


M&S ultimate (thin fabric) 3/4 sleeve t'shirts £10
they wash nicely wink

OsmosisBanana Thu 04-Sep-08 16:24:26

Cool, am jotting down items in very uncool way. Gotta get down with the kidz see.

Notalone Thu 04-Sep-08 16:55:09

Osmosis - I am trying to do the same thing - albeit on a much smaller budget. I am 30 with the same build and will also be a mature student so have been racking my brains considering what I will need clothes wise for the next 3 years.

Sod Bristol - come over to Sheffield and we can shop together smile On second thoughts probably not such a good idea. I am so indecisive I will drive you mad grin

Could I ask you if you are buying a new bag too? I am getting public transport so need a cheapish one that will hold all my books without breaking whilst still being funky. I did start another thread on this but I think it died without anyone responding as I can't find it now. What will you be studying btw?

sallystrawberry Thu 04-Sep-08 17:01:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Notalone Thu 04-Sep-08 17:45:35

blush. Sally - I love scarves but <<whisper>> I never know how to tie them in that funky way that everyone else does and always end up looking like an idiot. Can you whisper to me how to tie them so I can fit in. Sshhhh - don't tell anyone else BTW!

OsmosisBanana Thu 04-Sep-08 18:49:38

I already have a massive collection of huge scarves. It's the one thing I do quite well. Complete accident, it just happened one day and I thought 'oh wow, i look like one of those cool scarf people' grin

I have a massive fake leather bag from topshop. Will hold some books and a small file. Have practised. blush twas £35 I think and it's YELLOW!!! Jeez. I never thought I would own anything yellow. Also had other colours. I love it and I normally hate handbags. Prefer pockets stuffed full of crap.

Am doing BSc in Diet & Health.

OsmosisBanana Thu 04-Sep-08 18:51:24

Notalone - get a big square scarf, fold into triangle, tie ends together then wrap round neck a couple of times. adjust accordingly.

The rectangle ones are a bit more tricksy. I think it's luck. wink

Notalone Sun 14-Sep-08 18:19:24

Osmosis - wht did you buy in the end?

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