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what is the best cream for a 36 yr old starting to show signs of age face

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jvs Mon 01-Sep-08 09:49:23

Only have limited funds so need to know what I am buying actually helps!
What do you use?

Lizzylou Mon 01-Sep-08 09:51:42

The Aldi day and night creams were voted best by Gok (and are under £2).

DisplacementActivity Mon 01-Sep-08 09:51:50

Message withdrawn

jvs Mon 01-Sep-08 09:52:31

Wow £2!!! I love Gok.

DrNortherner Mon 01-Sep-08 09:53:23

I am 32 and use Aldi stuff. I love it.

jvs Mon 01-Sep-08 09:55:07

have just looked on aldi site... is it the siana creams?

Lizzylou Mon 01-Sep-08 10:18:00

Yes, the Siana ones.
I've just come to the end of mine (bought them about 2 months ago), I have used loads of different face creams (some £££'s) and I really liked these.
I am 35.

jvs Mon 01-Sep-08 10:38:50

Well for £2 I call afford to make a mistake so will get some next time i go shopping! Thanks for that.

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