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Help me please - Which black dress?

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2point4kids Sat 30-Aug-08 10:17:43

I'm going on a hen night.
Bought a gorgeous dress. It suits me perfectly and I love it here

Just got a note to say hen night now has theme of 'black and diamonte' so cant wear my dress!

Bearing in mind that the above one suits me... which of these shall I get? (or anything else you'd like to suggest!)
I'm short, slim, big boobs!

I cant spend lots and I have no time to send back and replace if its no good, so got to be right first time eek

dress 1

dress 2

dress 3

Thank you for your help!!!

Gobbledigook Sat 30-Aug-08 10:19:26

3rd one is utterly, utterly hideous.

I quite like the first one.

Gobbledigook Sat 30-Aug-08 10:20:06

Why can't you wear the original one - it's mostly black and you can just wear some diamanta jewellery and some bling on your shoes.

FAQ Sat 30-Aug-08 10:20:44

ermm - not sure - I recently bought this dress - love it to bits <<<<<<<waits to get pounced on by the s&b brigade and told it's awful) - I'm also short, slim with big(ish) boobs

2point4kids Sat 30-Aug-08 10:22:10

Can I?

It wont look like I am trying to upstage the bride to be if everyone is in plain black and i'm patterned??

Gobbledigook Sat 30-Aug-08 10:24:33

If I'd already bought it I'd just wear it - it's mostly black anyway.

Blardy hens/brides dictating what you can wear - ridiculous.

2point4kids Sat 30-Aug-08 10:25:07

I like that one! never worn lace though, not 100% sure it would suit me.
I've got red hair, lots of freckles....

widgypog Sat 30-Aug-08 19:58:31

Id say dress 2 would be the best match but why cant you wear what you want?

Thefearlessfreak Sat 30-Aug-08 20:06:41

Dress 2 or that Topshop one FAQ has bought. Probably not ok to wear the skulls one; shame though

Jewelsandgems Sat 30-Aug-08 20:15:45

Dress 1. Not sure your original dress would be appt what with all the skulls.

traceybath Sat 30-Aug-08 20:18:00

dress 2 as think dress 1 would not flatter big boobs

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