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Where can I buy Kaliko clothes from?

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theSuburbanDryad Fri 29-Aug-08 19:49:53

I have a dress which i bought from a charity shop which i really love, and i'd like to buy smiliar. The label says Kaliko, is that a designer or a high street chain? Google isn't really telling me much and eBay doesn't have a very good selection.

Any of you lovely stylish MNers who can help me? smile

mehgalegs Fri 29-Aug-08 19:51:43

It is a chain, expensive end - we have one in Chi. Also they have concessions in Debenhams. My wedding coat came from Kaliko and I have bought a couple of lovley dresse too.

iamdingdong Fri 29-Aug-08 19:51:50

most dept stores, John Lewis, House of Fraser etc stock it

Ledodgy Fri 29-Aug-08 19:51:53

looking here it sounds like a shop

mehgalegs Fri 29-Aug-08 19:53:55

They don't seem to have a website do they - weird.

theSuburbanDryad Fri 29-Aug-08 19:54:48

Is it, like, a boutique or something?

<<clueless unfashionable oik>>

I can't afford expensive. sad Will just have to keep my eyes peeled in the charidee shops i think.

theSuburbanDryad Fri 29-Aug-08 19:58:04

The dress i have is similar to this but it's gathered under the bust and has an awesome bow thingy bit, which pulls the cleavage bit down.

I'm not describing it very well, am I? It's really nice and it doesn't need ironing, and it's got plenty of room for a bump later on!!

EachPeachPearMum Fri 29-Aug-08 22:00:59

They have it in house of fraser.... it's not particularly cheap brand, but not like Donna KAran or such

fishie Fri 29-Aug-08 22:03:41

it is a most peculiar thing the kaliko. i had a nice posh frock from them (got in debenhams) and later some very comfy trousers from their leisure imprint (hof). but they are hard to find and often the stuff is frumpy.

janeite Fri 29-Aug-08 22:03:53

They have it in HOF and sometimes Debenhams. They often have big sales where you can get things at about 75% off; I have a cardigan from there that always gets lots of compliments. They come up quite big size wise but are built for curves, so can be very flattering in a size down if that makes sense. I used to have a gorgeous black silk top from there, which I wore until it literally fell to pieces.

surreylady Fri 29-Aug-08 22:41:04

It is part of the Alexon chain - not sure where you are but has quite a lot of shops. For me it I know where the Frumpy comment is coming from - they tend to have limited and a little formal/frilly for me - styles - so the occassional item is good but I wouldn't go for a wardrobe full....have a local shop - hold fire in the sales - they start low but reach the 70% eventually.

llareggub Fri 29-Aug-08 23:02:59

They have a shop in Stratford-upon-Avon. It is Kaliko at the front, Alexon (now called Alex & Co) at the back and Dash upstairs.

I went in a few weeks ago and was rapidly transported back 20 odd years to my Dash sweatshirts circa 1988.

I do like Kaliko, but their collections are very variable.

bikerunski Sat 30-Aug-08 15:29:47

They are a shop, with concessions in big dept stores. Can range from super-frumpy to quite cool. But never cheap!

bellavita Sat 30-Aug-08 15:54:11

We have a Kaliko section in Browns which is a dept store in York.

Jux Sat 30-Aug-08 17:03:56

DD thinks that's a cool dress!

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