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Stella McCartney

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expatinscotland Fri 29-Aug-08 15:54:44


the DM is full of shite as usual.


RubySlippers Fri 29-Aug-08 15:56:19

she looks great

no surprise - the DM seems to hate women

tiredlady Fri 29-Aug-08 15:58:14

Hasn't she not long had a baby?

I am impressed if she has

expatinscotland Fri 29-Aug-08 15:58:51

she's had 3 children in 3 years. her last one in January.

she's 37 years old, too.

traceybath Fri 29-Aug-08 15:59:44

she looks a lot better than i do in a bikini and had my baby in december

tiredlady Fri 29-Aug-08 16:00:30


I am quite impressed with how she looks.

The DM really is a pile of old shit

sherby Fri 29-Aug-08 16:00:50

that bikini top is far too small

shes got boobs spilling out all over the show in the first two pics

Snaf Fri 29-Aug-08 16:00:59

Daily Mail Slags Off Famous Woman Shocker.

Or not.

Lizzylou Fri 29-Aug-08 16:03:10

I am envy that any woman who has had 3 Dc in 3 years and can look that good in a bikini at 37.
Her bikini top is too small. I SHUDDER to think of the amount of scaffolding I would need on a bikini top to hoik my norks up from around my knees grin

cornsilk Fri 29-Aug-08 16:04:52

An ill fitting bikini top is news now? Sad bastards. She has a fantastic figure.

TheFallenMadonna Fri 29-Aug-08 16:05:08

Grrrrrr at the Mail. Honest to God!
And written by a woman sad

TheCrackFox Fri 29-Aug-08 16:21:34

She looks fab, but her bikini top is too small.

Not like the DM to have a nasty article about some poor woman. hmm

ByTheSea Fri 29-Aug-08 16:23:22

I hate the Daily Mail! She looks great!

TsarChasm Fri 29-Aug-08 16:24:53

She looks ok but the bikini is dreadful.

pinkteddy Fri 29-Aug-08 16:28:02

The DM is full of bile. I can't understand why anyone would want to buy it. Its vitriolic. OK she might be busting out but she is on holiday FFS!!

squeaver Fri 29-Aug-08 16:31:17

I once got in a lift with her. She has very fine, downy facial hair.

hf128219 Fri 29-Aug-08 16:35:39

Eh? The Daily Mail says she looks 'clearly fantastic'. What's wrong with that?

And it is true her bikini top is way too small.

paddingtonbear1 Fri 29-Aug-08 16:41:17

her body is far better than mine and I only have 1 child!

ilovemydog Fri 29-Aug-08 16:43:33

She had a baby *8 months ago*...

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