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Lets have a what are you wearing today thread

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sherby Fri 29-Aug-08 15:03:00

Dark blue bootcut jeans

White vest layered under a black one

Black flip flops with sparkles

Weather is weird and I can't decide if I am too hot or not

NigellaTheOriginal Fri 29-Aug-08 15:05:50

nothing at all. am nudist.

ForeverOptimistic Fri 29-Aug-08 15:07:13

Dark blue bootcut jeans

Red checked top with silly bow detail.

sherby Fri 29-Aug-08 15:08:26

who was it who was mning naked and got their nip caught in the laptop when they closed it?

maidamess Fri 29-Aug-08 15:10:53

A dodgy tee shirt from Primark, a raggedy assymetric old brown skirt from Kew and wait for it CROCS!!!!!!

But I am gardening.

Heated Fri 29-Aug-08 15:11:20

A pair of dark skinnies and a peasant type blouse/tshirt

maidamess Fri 29-Aug-08 15:11:26

And I am definitely too hot.

CountessDracula Fri 29-Aug-08 15:12:41

White stuff straight denim skirt
Scabby ol ted baker tshirt (dark green)
Green birkies

FlightAttendent Fri 29-Aug-08 15:14:36

long beige cardi

old holey topshop dress

green tights (gudrun sjoden) <ponce>

Dm brown lace ups.

depressing because ankles look too skinny. I look like a librarian. hmm

belcantavinissima Fri 29-Aug-08 15:15:22

wide lag dark navy jeans and 70s style paisley knee length silk kaftan

sherby Fri 29-Aug-08 15:16:06

FA, sounds interesting grin

sherby Fri 29-Aug-08 15:16:48

thumbs up for the kaftan

LetThemEatCake Fri 29-Aug-08 15:18:48

black footless tights, denim mini, l/s red and white stripey tee, red nail polish

FlightAttendent Fri 29-Aug-08 15:19:20

Yes interesting about right grin

I just can't get dressed happily today. Spent morning mowing lawn with no bra and blackberry juice all over top. It was kind of a lost cause after that. Not even sure if we are going out somewhere, god I hate days like this!

LetThemEatCake Fri 29-Aug-08 15:19:41

on toes. not fingers.

frankiesbestfriend Fri 29-Aug-08 15:20:38

White v neck fitted tee shirt

Navy blue bootleg jeans ( they seem to be v popular on here)

Gold belt

Gold gladiator style sandals

Very very boring

sherby Fri 29-Aug-08 15:21:25

i love gold glads

mazzystar Fri 29-Aug-08 15:22:50

scruffy widelegged jeans
orange vest
but i am not leaving the house or answering the door

norkmaiden Fri 29-Aug-08 15:23:04

green-grey toast long-sleeved tee
baggyish tan trs

bits of silver jewellery

birkies when out earlier

DANCESwithLordPottingtonSmythe Fri 29-Aug-08 15:24:50

Fat Face wrap around green dress with plain m & S vest underneath....

and a pair of socks!! (not when I was out just my feet got chilly this afternoon smile)<granny emotion>

quickdrawmcgraw Fri 29-Aug-08 15:25:34

strappy t shirt,

am a little bit cold though.

BabieWabbit Fri 29-Aug-08 15:26:33

I look pretty normal today...(for once grin)
Black and white Vans vest top
Black and white check hoodie
Black jeans
Black and white converse...

hmmAnybody spotted a pattern? grin

Ledodgy Fri 29-Aug-08 15:27:57

I'm wearing blue flared jeans,a green and white patterned fitted t shirt and a black zipped hoody. In fact I look rather Emo today! grin

BoysAreLikeDogs Fri 29-Aug-08 15:28:55

Dark blue bootcuts

Cheapo t shirt from george under a crop cardi by red herring (bargain at 8 quid recently)

Purple canvas daps from fat face (half price ho ho ho)

Tesco socks

Oh, and M and S britch, natch.

FlightAttendent Fri 29-Aug-08 15:29:46

Norkmaiden you do look nice today smile

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