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So hairstyles - anyone still got a bob if not what are we wearing this year ?

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KatieDD Fri 29-Aug-08 11:13:10

Mine is collar length and I need to decide if i'm having it long again.

RubyRioja Fri 29-Aug-08 11:14:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Witchybella Fri 29-Aug-08 11:34:21

Mine is bra strap length been growing it for the last couple of years and great its either was dry & go or can wear it up.

saramoon Fri 29-Aug-08 16:09:39

Ditto Rubyrioja, i just tie mine back every day at the moment

Majeika Fri 29-Aug-08 16:11:47

Mine is a chestnut brown pob with a fringe and I love it and will keep it this way over the winter.

Ceolas Fri 29-Aug-08 16:13:26

Just got a bob yesterday. But am by no means a dedicated follower of fashion!

TsarChasm Fri 29-Aug-08 16:17:42

'Bob' seems to cover so many different looks according to hair magazines.

Mine is just above shoulders, straight and in need of attention but hairdressers terrify me. I've only just grown out last winter's disaster.

Fimbo Fri 29-Aug-08 16:19:11

I got my long hair (bra strap length) cut to shoulder length about 8 weeks ago.

It is now just above my shoulders and is supposed to flick out at the ends, but I had a disaster dying my hair about 6 weeks ago and have to wear it up all the time as parts of it look black (supposed to be dark brown).

I am going to my hairdresser on Tuesday to get the black bits chopped out, so will probably end up with an elfin cut.

sagacious Fri 29-Aug-08 16:27:02

Mines been bra strap length
Then chin length.
Now growing down to shoulder length

peachygirl Fri 29-Aug-08 16:28:42

I have a bob and have had one for about (gulp) 20 years.

At the moment it is shoulder length but it has varied in length over the years

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