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Would I look like an Oompa Lumpa if I bought boots like these?

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Megglevache Thu 28-Aug-08 22:45:53


I am not tango orange BTW.

My dh pissed himslef when he saw them.

pgwithnumber3 Thu 28-Aug-08 22:46:34

No, but you may look like Mother Christmas! grin

Moomin Thu 28-Aug-08 22:47:15

oh good jesus - noooooo. don;t do it!

hoxtonchick Thu 28-Aug-08 22:47:35

i have got them! in black. they are very comfy & slightly welly like (but i do have skinny legs - the one skinny part of me...) & i want it to be autumn now so i can wear them. so i think you should buy 'em (but i did get 20% off).

brimfull Thu 28-Aug-08 22:47:40

are you slim talll and lithe

if not yes you will look ridiculous

Megglevache Thu 28-Aug-08 22:47:52

I wouldn't wear them with red trousers and a coat with white fur trim you know.


Fimbo Thu 28-Aug-08 22:47:54

They are hideous. Likewise these

LetThemEatCake Thu 28-Aug-08 22:47:58

um. Best not to I think.

BlueberryBeret Thu 28-Aug-08 22:48:08

erm.... yes. grin

sleepycat Thu 28-Aug-08 22:48:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Megglevache Thu 28-Aug-08 22:48:36

slim- no
tall- no
l....- no

FlightAttendent Thu 28-Aug-08 22:49:03

Really don't like them - sorry! La Redoute have a nice patent boot in rather more subtle shade of black or brown! Much cheaper at, well Ok not much - about £130, but you'd use a discount code and knock them down to £95.

BlueberryBeret Thu 28-Aug-08 22:49:06

Lol - I read the second pair as "please note, if you are a larger size you may wish to rethink this style" grin

Megglevache Thu 28-Aug-08 22:49:18

I hate the green heel ones but I do think they could look noice.

Megglevache Thu 28-Aug-08 22:50:18

I want red boots though.
Hmm I really rather like them. it was dh wetting himself that made me doubt...

pgwithnumber3 Thu 28-Aug-08 22:55:01

these or lurve these grin

pgwithnumber3 Thu 28-Aug-08 22:56:10

sorry link didn't work first ones

Megglevache Thu 28-Aug-08 22:57:39

Bleurgh preggy.

I'm not no streetwalker you know!

pgwithnumber3 Thu 28-Aug-08 22:58:10

Fabulous for Xmas with white mohair cardigan and red a-line skirt grin

<need to go and do something constructive with my time>

pgwithnumber3 Thu 28-Aug-08 22:59:02

Yeah, but you could get 3 for the price of the one pair from Boden! Plus DH would be made up!

FlightAttendent Thu 28-Aug-08 23:00:57

Here you are

La redoute ones. Lovely fit, I sent back because too shiny for moi smile

Megglevache Thu 28-Aug-08 23:06:39

Thanks very much. Did you order he vrown or blk?

FlightAttendent Thu 28-Aug-08 23:12:53

Brown - they were nice boots. I didn't really feel I suited the shiny though.

You might well! smile I am Mrs Dull colours by nature...

ladytophamhatt Thu 28-Aug-08 23:20:03

Good god.

rank as arseholes

minorbird Fri 29-Aug-08 00:02:03

Ooo I like Flight attendants ones... although it says 'to fit slender calves'... hmm, it has been said that i have calves only a cow could love... hmm

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