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Help!!! Going on a hen weekend in less than 24 hours - I have nothing to wear! NOTHING!!!

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lovecat Thu 28-Aug-08 13:00:30

When this was booked and planned we all thought 'August, even if it's not sunny it'll be warm' HAH!

All my clothes are either non-dressy or for the height of summer, I can't afford to buy new stuff, please can you help me sort out a weekend wardrobe for the following:

Friday - get to hotel, drinks at posh city bar followed by dinner at Browns

Saturday - wafting around the hotel spa for most of the hens, staying in bed and catching up on 3 years of sleep for me, lunch, more wafting/sleeping, then dinner and cabaret/disco at Madame JoJos (is it dead dressy there? I only seem to have an incredibly posh backless evening gown or a load of thin summer cotton frocks - can't wear the one lovely outfit I've got as it's for the wedding reception!)

Sunday - riding in Hyde Park - that I can cover, thank god I still have my jodhs etc!

So what to take? I have a small window for shopping tomorrow morning, have some debenhams vouchers, but I don't know what to get... am size 10/12, apple, 5'4...

I was planning on bringing 1 pair of jeans, travelling in a Henleyish top, wearing similar around the hotel during the day, I was thinking I have similar to this in plain black and these for Friday, would I look an idiot/freeze to death?

I don't have any going out type skirts, all my trousers are jeans (or sailor type trousers from Boden - would I get away with them and a nice top?)

Any advice would be VERY gratefully received!

lovecat Thu 28-Aug-08 13:01:53

Oh, and everyone else is 10 years younger than me, so no point in asking them what they're planning to wear!

MatNanPlus Thu 28-Aug-08 13:08:49

Do you have a pashmina and bag to complete the friday outfit?

jeans tho would prob choose the other trousers and tops for travel and hotel.

Madame JoJo's is eclectic so black trousers, sparkly top and flats maybe?


lovecat Thu 28-Aug-08 13:33:33

Thanks MNP - will have a looksee for black keks and sparkly top when I'm out tomorrow - have some nice black suede ballet flats, so long as it doesn't rain I should be okay...

I have a little black shrug thing to go with the black maxi, trouble is it's v. thin cotton and picks up every crumb of fluff/lint going, so although it looks okay on, I know I'll look like a bag lady by the end of the evening... Is also v. long with a high tripupability factor, despite massively high wedge platform sandals, so I can foresee disaster following the drinking sesh!

MatNanPlus Thu 28-Aug-08 15:15:05

While shopping could you pick up a shorter wrap maybe with some texture or metallic as for evening?

Lizzylou Thu 28-Aug-08 15:18:51

Love that maxi dress, you'll look great smile

lovecat Thu 28-Aug-08 16:21:23


Okay, I have finally hauled myself up the stepladder into the attic and found the boxload of 'going out' clothes that I put away 4 years ago when I got pregnant with dd - result!!

I found three lovely dresses I'd forgotten I'd bought, so one of them is coming in the suitcase with me!

As for the tops, which of these two do you think look best? (bear in mind I have no norkage these days)




lizandlulu Thu 28-Aug-08 16:56:07

imo the 1st one looks best.

MatNanPlus Thu 28-Aug-08 17:42:19

Both are nice, with black slacks yes? take both tho if i HAD to choose i would say 1st.

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