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well i WOuDL have "lazy curls" wodulnt i fgs

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FluffyMummy123 Wed 27-Aug-08 12:37:05

Message withdrawn

SoupDragon Wed 27-Aug-08 12:38:40

BabyDragon has lazy-but-stubbornly-persistent curls. They disappear when brushed but return looking like a curly nest of rats tails. Possibly not the look you're after.

Ledodgy Wed 27-Aug-08 12:39:06

My curls are generally lazy however I have tonsiltis at the moment and at the height of my fever due to sweating in bed I woke up with a head full of energetic curls. It was truly amazing if a little frightening. You obviously need to sweat more.grin

FluffyMummy123 Wed 27-Aug-08 12:39:09

Message withdrawn

MamaG Wed 27-Aug-08 12:39:45

my curls are so lazy that they don't even bother to curl.
I just have a kinky wave

FluffyMummy123 Wed 27-Aug-08 12:40:18

Message withdrawn

Ledodgy Wed 27-Aug-08 12:40:46

and a very fine scarve Mama G don't forget the scarve!

Pinkjenny Wed 27-Aug-08 12:41:23

My curls are 80s perm type curls. Horrifying.

Ledodgy Wed 27-Aug-08 12:41:24

Scarf I mean had a compolete mental block on how to spell it then.

Ledodgy Wed 27-Aug-08 12:43:11

I had a series of 80s perms in the 80s and it's only in the last few years I realised if I leave my hair to dry naturally it goes like that anyway. Who knew?

MamaG Wed 27-Aug-08 12:44:24

as if I could forget!

Pinkjenny Wed 27-Aug-08 12:44:30

My mum looks at me with disgust though when I straighten it. Odd. It's as if she wants me to look shit.

MamaG Wed 27-Aug-08 12:44:52

I was going to put "as ifI could forget the scarf" but I didn't want to appear to be correcting you grin

ninedragons Wed 27-Aug-08 16:46:31

Energetic curls. John Frieda products are excellent for them.

I am going to get them straightened, though. I live in fear of walking past a shop window one day in the future and thinking oh, it's Anita Roddick, I thought she was dead.

fishie Wed 27-Aug-08 16:51:01

i have got frenetic curls.

cod comb conditioner through your hair and then let shower run on it so it falls into own shape and leave to dry, no partings or anything and the curls will come more from the top of head.

CodsMinge Wed 27-Aug-08 16:51:46

ahh I used to have these
now thye are too frizzy

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