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girlnextdoor Sun 24-Aug-08 22:03:59

Just had a look at their site- some jeans look good but pricey at £69- they appeal as they do a 30" leg- anyone bought any of their stuff? I find "short legs" (29")too short and regular toolong!

brimfull Mon 25-Aug-08 00:43:07

some of their stuff is nice,have never bought any jeans thouhg

i usually buy in the sale,if you're not desperate I'd wait a few weeks as they usually send a discount code or something.

girlnextdoor Mon 25-Aug-08 07:40:47


Where do they come in the "style" hierarchy?

They look a bit "old" IYSWIM, but not sure............

brimfull Mon 25-Aug-08 17:31:16

tbh this cataogue looks decidedly old I think

only the odd nice thing and then it's over priced imo

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