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Please accessorise this dress!

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McDreamy Sun 24-Aug-08 17:06:01

For my brother's wedding in September! smile

thank you I have got it in the green colour.

widgypog Sun 24-Aug-08 17:33:08

lovely dress.i think it speaks for itself . I would go with shoes like the model and earings to match.
Next have lovely jewellery at very reasonable prices. I went to a wedding yesterday and bought a lovely matching necklace and bracelet for £ really set off my dress..maybe they will have somegold ones?

McDreamy Sun 24-Aug-08 18:30:17

Thank you, what would you wear on your shoulders?

widgypog Sun 24-Aug-08 19:00:50

how about a goldish pashmina...EVERYONE at 'my' wedding had pashminas...

collision Sun 24-Aug-08 19:01:40

A cream pashmina would look lovely with it and could be used again. Fascinator in your hair and cream shoes - lovely!

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