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where do you shop for cheap everyday casual trousers

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CvQ Fri 22-Aug-08 12:29:39

all mine are too big for me nowhmm

just looked on asda website but dont like the look of any of them.

i dont want to spend alot as im only lounging round the house normally.

so where can i look!

Bluebutterfly Fri 22-Aug-08 14:49:47

H&M are good, and Next.

zippitippitoes Fri 22-Aug-08 14:51:57

new look not sure what casual trousers are tho...jeans? cargo pants?

Piffle Fri 22-Aug-08 15:06:55

I buy two pairs of good fitting jeans and live in those!
What sort of things do you wear usually cvq

PuppyMonkey Fri 22-Aug-08 15:08:01

Tesco. Primark.

maidamess Fri 22-Aug-08 15:09:00

Primark. About £4 a pair for loungers...

Fimbo Fri 22-Aug-08 15:14:45

I buy New Look Hula jeans - £10. They are great, look a lot like the jeans Next had for ages with the wavy lines on the bum pockets.

I have cheap Primark numbers for after 7pm when I know (hope) no-one is going to come to the door.

Fimbo Fri 22-Aug-08 15:15:25

My Primark things are from the nightwear section.

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