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Best sports bra?

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tiggerlovestobounce Fri 22-Aug-08 09:50:10

I need to buy myself a sports bra. Im a bit of a novice to sports, but have recently taken up jogging and aerobics, and disconcerted by the way things are jiggling about! I'm a DD cup and I would prefer something very supportive.
What would you reccomend that I get?


BlingLovin Fri 22-Aug-08 09:56:21

I find the Marks and Spencer ones quite good. And reasonably priced. I think it's about £18 and you get them in the bigger sizes. They take a bit of getting used to at first becuase they're tight and restrictive but they work when you're running.

SpandexIsMyEnemy Fri 22-Aug-08 09:58:20

well i'm an E cup, and have invested in the shock absorber vest top one.

it's fantastic - over the years i've had loads of different things but this one is definatly the best support i've had. mine was £38 thou, I only have hte one so it's always in the washer but it's fantastic.

MrsTittleMouse Fri 22-Aug-08 09:59:55

I love Shock Absorbers. They are different to regular sports bras as they don't compress, so you have to get used to looking a bit "pointy", but they are really supportive. I am a 32E/F when I'm not pregnant, so I need a lot of support!

SpandexIsMyEnemy Fri 22-Aug-08 10:05:03

this is mine

tiggerlovestobounce Fri 22-Aug-08 11:01:01

Thanks, the vest top looks good, will order it and give it a go smile

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