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Too many clothes, nothing to me sort it out!

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Kammy Thu 21-Aug-08 13:16:20

I have a wardrobe packed with clothes, but often feel I have nothing to wear. It's not that I buy very much, more, I can't get rid of stuff or co-ordinate purchases with what I've got. And I buy too many of the same sort of thing.
I need to sort out, chuck out, recycle I know, but where do I start!

What items and how many do wise mnetters think should be in the ideal wardrobe?

Any advice on tackling a mammoth job?

AllwaysDoingSomething Thu 21-Aug-08 13:36:24

Kammy, you'll need to set aside a day or 2 (if you do it in stages) do you hair and make up so you look and feel good about yourself, because you’ll be looking in the mirror a lot.

Start by taking all the items you've not worn for a while, holey, doesn't fit or beyond repair and either bin or donate to charity, friends etc next take out staples i.e black skirts, trousers, cami tops, jeans, vests (what ever you would class your daily uniform) and set aside, next choose your fave items, put them on and decide why you like them, colour, fit&cut, memories etc, look for coordinating items from the staples pile (so you’ll wear fave items more) to make an outfit and set aside (you’ll now how a set of outfit you can wear without thinking) finally take all the other items and play around, try them on with each other, mix and match, add scarves, belts, cardies, shrugs, layer items you wouldn’t think of wearing. Again you’ll find a few combos which work, single out any items that you just can’t get to work for you and either give away or if you can’t part with it keep and take it shopping and buy something that will work with it. The same should go for shoes and handbags any thing in need or repair put in a box and take to your local cobbler and have re-soled or heeled, anything beyond repair you should bin. Make a list of you feel is missing from your wardrobe that would make the items you’ve kept work better for you, a black belt, long sleeved t shirt, grey cardi, what ever it may be and take it shopping and buy those items. DO not buy anymore clothes until you’ve made what you already have work. Make little lists of what bits go well together and sick to the inside of your wardrobe if you have too. Don’t leave clothes to linger, wear them.

Kammy Thu 21-Aug-08 13:46:23

Thanks - I've read that through about 6 times - you are so organised. Actually feel quite motivated at the moment - too much time spent hauling out a million things before I find something plus a couple of weeks living out of a suitcase on holiday withoug any probs.
Thanks again.

JackieNo Thu 21-Aug-08 13:55:32

<round of applause for Allwaysdoingsomething> Fab advice grin.

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