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what do you wear on your feet in this wet weather???

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mellyonion Tue 19-Aug-08 11:22:25

i walk a lot outside, also my work involves a lot of waering my converse style vans pumps all the time, but they are only canvas and my feet get wet quickly and stay wet....

don't want wellies because they are not practical for work, but need something! i wear big chunky boots for winter, but they are just too heavy looking for the "summer".

please help....i even ventured out in my crocs the other dayshock! wink

PortBlacksandResident Tue 19-Aug-08 11:35:43

These are quite good but not terribly sexy

I often go out in the rain in my leather sandals. They; and my feet quickly dry off.

jenthehen Tue 19-Aug-08 11:43:16

I wore closed toe wedge heels the other day rather than my normal leather flip flops as I was fed up with slippy slidy soggy feet! The wedges also succeeded in keeping the bottom of my jeans dry!

mellyonion Tue 19-Aug-08 11:55:11

thanks port......
i work with teenagers...i'd be blanked if i wore those shoes!!! grin thanks for looking though!

can't wear heels...its just not in my make up....i wobble on a half inch heel....flatties would be better.....

how about these???? would they be cool with jeans??

jenthehen Tue 19-Aug-08 12:07:47

I too struggle with heals but wedges are fine and comfy! honestly try them, they also make you feel more feminine. I can't do links but have a look at that same website at the Dr Martens section, there is a pair of red wedges there wich I think would be really comfy and a bit less (dare I say "lentily" than the other ones)

forevercleaning Tue 19-Aug-08 12:13:34

flip flops in the rain. easy to dry off.

MaloryDontDiveItsShallow Tue 19-Aug-08 12:17:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SqueakyPop Tue 19-Aug-08 12:19:28

I still wear my sandals and don't mind any droplets of rain on my bare feet.

meglet Tue 19-Aug-08 12:19:43

sheepskin Uggs blush. Can't bear wet feet and I do feel the cold. But at least they keep me toasty so I only need a t-shirt / light combats.

Romy7 Tue 19-Aug-08 12:20:12

yellow hunters (aren't i posh!)
but not for work grin
i have to wear patent leather court shoes which are totally tragic.
your teens would laugh their (damp) socks off

idlingabout Tue 19-Aug-08 15:11:28

Crocs of course smile

missblythe Tue 19-Aug-08 18:34:03

Ooh, what size are you Romy? Have got some gorge black patent courts in a 4.5 that I've never got round to wearing

olympicsnotfederer Tue 19-Aug-08 19:46:02

these are fab, and good in the (summer) rain too

lots of cred in these and not too lentil-y

Romy7 Tue 19-Aug-08 21:19:54

oh oh oh! I'm a 4.5!!! are they really high though? i'm only 5'2 and i look ridiculous in skyscrapers grin

missblythe Wed 20-Aug-08 11:53:47

No, not too high at all, about 1.5 inch heel, so fab for work.

Can you CAT me your address, and I'll send them to you? If not, I'll can you instead.

Will be glad to give them to a new home, as I keep meaning to list them on For Free and never getting round to it.

Romy7 Wed 20-Aug-08 12:52:14

i've got a few things like that - including dh's ice-hockey boots, which are a bit of a niche market.
yep, i'll have to sort out my CAT thing though - been meaning to do it for a few weeks and still haven't got round to it. will do it today. oo i'm really excited now. new shoes!!!!
i can't tempt you into swopping for a pair of fuschia pink LK Bennetts can I? sort of slingback and bit (ulp) silk porn star... I bought them in the sale and they are just a tad tight - had bought them as spares grin for a v flash night out, didn't wear them (didn't have the bottle), and have never had the opportunity since... there are only so many places to wear fuschia pink heels and i just never seem to frequent them...
they do look v glam in my wardrobe lol, a symbol of my alter ego, obv.

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