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What colour boots this winter? Brown or black?

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MehgaLegs Mon 18-Aug-08 12:36:19

Am about to order some riding boots from Long Tall Sally. CAn't decide between black (I always have black boots) or brown?

RubyRioja Mon 18-Aug-08 12:37:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MehgaLegs Mon 18-Aug-08 12:38:48

I bought a long, tweedy coat end of last winter. It's sort of dark greeny, browny colurs. Brown would look good I think.

RubyRioja Mon 18-Aug-08 12:41:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MehgaLegs Mon 18-Aug-08 12:42:03

The brown are in my basket. smile

MehgaLegs Mon 18-Aug-08 12:43:21

Oooh yes, I am feeling cosy already.

Jewelsandgems Mon 18-Aug-08 12:49:04

Oooh brown. That tan colour is also really nice.

MrsMattie Mon 18-Aug-08 12:51:26

Are they the Lela ones? I love those. Nearly bought them last year. Very tempted this year. I'd go for brown.

MehgaLegs Mon 18-Aug-08 12:51:55

Have ordered the brown. I am going to Brighton beginning of Sept so will visit shop and check out the tan ones too.

Isn't it sad to be feeling the need to buy boots in August though? sad smile

ThatBigGermanPrison Mon 18-Aug-08 12:52:57

Link link link?

Although pointless - if from LTS they will be like waders on my short 'n' porky frame...

MehgaLegs Mon 18-Aug-08 12:53:18

Yes Mrs M the Lela ones. They sold out very quickly last year so i'm getting in quick.

PuppyMonkey Mon 18-Aug-08 12:53:33

You can't beat brown boots imho. I have about ten pairs all slightly different shades and styles. I collect boots like other people collect coins etc, obsessed.

Brown is the new black.. wink

MehgaLegs Mon 18-Aug-08 12:54:00

link for TBGP

Jewelsandgems Mon 18-Aug-08 12:55:40

Wow just looked at them

they are gorgeous!

ThatBigGermanPrison Mon 18-Aug-08 12:55:56

They are lush. they haven't got my size, but they are really nice. Deffo the brown though, with a teedy coat. they are nice anyway!

Jewelsandgems Mon 18-Aug-08 12:57:11

Brown definately the right choice - way better than the black and the tan.

How are LTS for the leg width? I have skinny legs so usually buy from Duo, but those boots look really really nice.

MehgaLegs Mon 18-Aug-08 13:00:32

Leg width good. I also have skinny legs (the only bit if me that is) and generally I find their boots a good fit.

ThatBigGermanPrison Mon 18-Aug-08 13:02:04

Slim, you ladies have slim, enviable legs. Be positive. I dare not stand near a doughnut van for fear of being mistaken for one!

MehgaLegs Mon 18-Aug-08 13:03:47

I look like a potatoe with two cocktail sticks stuck in it.

used2bthin Mon 18-Aug-08 13:24:56

Do they start at seven for all their shoes and boots? I love them but am size six, for my height my feet are quite small but I can never get boots that are long enough those would be perfect.

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