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I really need some new tops, long sleeved, as long as possible with easy boob access

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littleducks Mon 18-Aug-08 09:45:59

Am bfing hence boob access requirement wink
I have jeans, brown and green linen trousers that fit atm

Somehow i have ruined all the tops that i wore when bfing last time, i like buttons or a low neckline rather than pulling up but i am now left with a couple of black cotton jersey dresses that i wear over jeans and they are too hot and boring!

Its getting desperat after i ripped a huge hole in the cotton dress i was wearing yesterday while trying to sort out kids in back of car on the motorway!

maidamess Mon 18-Aug-08 09:47:22

I find primark tops are long. They do lots of smock tops too that you can wear over jeans/leggings. Try Dorothy Perkins too.

Cappuccino Mon 18-Aug-08 09:48:45

when I was bfeeding I bought some strappy little vests from M&S to go under things; so I could pull the top up, and pull the vest down, and there was no acre of frightening post-baby body on display

you could wear practically anything then

and fgs, you can't bfeed in a dress

maidamess Mon 18-Aug-08 09:50:30

Oh, you can if you pop your boobs out over the top like my friend used to!

thisisyesterday Mon 18-Aug-08 10:08:47

good thread, will watch with interest lol.

I also do the vest udner a top thing, but sometimes it's too hot I find. bring onthe winter lol.

I cannot do the boob over the top because my boobs are massive and flabby and white and droppy. yuck

littleducks Mon 18-Aug-08 10:14:49

i just find it easier from above, stops me hunching over but have done layered tops before def easier in the winter

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