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WWW's ten year younger bootcamp, nearly back to school, all welcome

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WideWebWitch Sun 17-Aug-08 19:11:51

Hello everyone, old and new.

This is about feeling better about yourself and looking and feeling better etc. But mainly we chat and laugh quite a lot, which has all got to help towards happiness etc.

The rules (anyone can join):

- Sunscreen at all times - REALLY mean this now summer is here.

- No or little booze. Wine or Champagne or whatever at the weekend is allowed if you want it

- Walking is important, a small amount every day if possible. 30 mins if you can

- Lots of water, aim for 2 litres a day

- Apply body cream as often as possible

- Use hand cream

- Go to bed early, by 10.30pm if pos

- Eat healthily

- Be happy

The idea is that we all feel happier, healthier and glow with the good food, sleep, exercise, water and lack of sun damage.

Some people are doing India and Neris's Idiot Proof Diet (Atkins, more or less), others are doing Slimy World, others are just being as healthy as possible.

Welcome everyone, have a good week.

WideWebWitch Sun 17-Aug-08 19:14:34

Hello all, hope you all had lovely weekends etc.

3 sausages
then gorgeous lunch from M&S:

mozzarella and sundried tomatoes
peppers and feta (only had a bit of red pepper)

no idea what we're having for supper but I'm not hungry atm.

chutneymary Sun 17-Aug-08 20:30:22

Am feeling very lardy and bleurgh today. I know it's baby rather than lard simpliciter, but still look just fat.

WWW, your food looks amazing as always. Hope this week's commute treats you kindly.

Unknown, sounds like DH was in holiday debt, so am glad it's going to be a good one.

WOW at the plumber Sobernow. Can't believe that she is out with the pair of them at 10 weeks. I am still on my arse eating cake at that point. Perhaps that would explain my current wobbliness. I have a thing for Skips (sorry) at the moment and am eating more than is good for me.

Saggars, that sounds like a very energetic way to spend a sunday. Bakewell is lovely isn't it.

Happy week everyone.

eemie Sun 17-Aug-08 21:32:51

Hi everyone
Just leaving my scent on the thread.

Supposed to sign tenancy agreement on new house tomorrow but don't hold your breath - they've made it all out in wrong name (my prof. name) hmm.

Dh wants to go away for the bank holiday w/e immediately before we move. I suspect it's to prevent me from packing/fretting/cleaning the whole time. Think I'll go for it!


unknownrebelbang Sun 17-Aug-08 23:56:18

Hope DS2 has had a great time at V, saggars. There are some quite lovely places close by aren't there?

We've been to the seaside, sort of to celebrate DS1's birthday, plus we've just not been this summer. It was glorious sunshine. Was expecting it to pour down.

Get away if you can Eemie.

By the time I get back to this thread I'll be another year older, boo hiss.

Have a great week everyone.

TheDuchessOfNorksBride Mon 18-Aug-08 00:11:00

I must stop reading www's list of food. I want to eat lobster NOW, NOW, NOW.

sobernow - how many hot baths/showers have you had this weekend?!?!? And WOW! at your plumber!

ureb - glad you enjoyed the beach, this weekends weather was indeed much better than expected.

I went running this morning, only 1km but half of it was up a very, very steep hill and I didn't have to stop, so quite pleased! Then went to pub for lunch and had baked ham, salad and really good chips!

Everything else a bit lacking today. Including the early night...!

Have a good week everyone.

Sobernow Mon 18-Aug-08 09:09:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

oi Mon 18-Aug-08 20:50:35


I am on holiday but on the way back and annoyingly, having to do some work so I thought I'd check in.

We got 4 glorious days in Cornwall but the rest of the time, it was driving rain and gale force winds (real autumn weather) so we're on our merry way back to London (via Exeter where I am now) where I have the joy of sorting out the house now that the flooring's been done (moving all the furniture back in etc. etc.). Not looking forward to that at all. And then it's back to work next week. Sigh.

Hope you are all well and all those on holidays are having a good time.

WideWebWitch Mon 18-Aug-08 20:52:32

Hello, hello, Happy Monday's over everyone

Chutney, sorry you're feeling bleurgh, sympathy. I loathed being pregnant both times and was rubbish at it and v bad tempered, (so was Sobernow iirc, her dh knew she was pregnant because she was being so vile, isn't it funny the things we remember about each other?), you must be about to bloom shortly surely? Just imagine the gorgeousness of a newborn though, we can't wait!

Eemie, I think you should go away, it will take your mind off it, where will you go? Are you pleased to be moving? (sorry must have missed stuff)

ureb envy at the seaside, we are SO far (2.5 hours min) that we've hardly ever been since we've lived here. Is your weekend away this weekend coming? Are you excited? Have you a porno bra to take? I have discovered that mine is v comfortable and so wore it yesterday as just a normal bra. Looks AWFUL, obv! What are you looking forward to the most?

DofN, impressed at the running, wow. But shock at posting after midnight!

Sobernow, glad your house and cleanliness is returning to normal, that must be lovely. Well, you're in the right placve for confessing to eating crap and not exercising enough but then attempting to reverse the decline!

WideWebWitch Mon 18-Aug-08 20:54:01

Hello Oi! (You're FIS right?) Oh Exeter's quite a nice city though.I LOVE the rain, and it was drizzly this morning and I just longed to be on a beach walking in my wellies and getting wet. Glad Cornwall was good.

WideWebWitch Mon 18-Aug-08 20:56:44

3 sausages
boursin and smoked salmon wraps
salami, port salut, babybel emental
brazil nuts
omelette with grated cheddar and on the side, mushrooms fried in butter with blue cheese crumbled on top

loads of water
no booze last night or tonight, obv am back to being saintly in the week

VERY early night last night, 9.45pm
feel ok!

Have stopped panicking quite as much about contract and have even said no to an interview that's an hour nearer but a big drop in pay. That's how confident I am <gibbering wreck>

oi Mon 18-Aug-08 20:59:01

yes it's me. I should really go back to fis now. For some reason, I'd been working hard and then looked at mumsnet and there were all sorts of foxes around. I might change back at some point.

Yes, I like Exeter. It's quite fun. I too don't mind the rain and the wind meant the surf was huge (well huge in England terms!) so was around 6-8 foot which meant me and the kids were dead on our feet at the end of every day after a couple of hours in the sea. But it was cold, properly cold which is OK if you're geared up for that but it's our first holiday in Cornwall which has been cold - so we've been v lucky really. I think I have wind burn on my face ;).

I was another lousy pregnant person. Dreadful. Not sure that's any consolation chutney! In the end, I decided to just eat my way through it which probably wasn't very sensible but was very soothing.

oi Mon 18-Aug-08 20:59:50

what's happening with your contract www?

WideWebWitch Mon 18-Aug-08 21:04:22

Oi, not ending end of Nov as orig thought due to restructure. Nov would have meant ALL debts paid off, pretty much, and we could have, for first itme ever, survived on dh's salary. I was going to take December off and look again in Jan. Now ending prob end October, have just writeen proj plan taking me to then and am hoping it gets agreed tomorrow.

Panicked like mad last Monday when I was told and immediately applied for loads of things with less money and even more miles away but now have calmed down and recalculated and it's not so bad really! I just needed to move some £ to 0% instead of paying it off straight away so it's not really that bad at all. I just needed the reassurance of having worked out my sums, which I've now done.

oi Mon 18-Aug-08 21:12:50

ah that's good. I was about to say good god woman, paying off your mortgage but I forgot you are about to take a step in that direction (at some stage!).

In fact, you've just reminded me to sort out dh's credit card grr.

So contract finishing in Oct? Does that mean nov and dec off (how lovely if so)?

WideWebWitch Mon 18-Aug-08 21:21:47

Oi, we are renting, therefore no mortgage! it's debt we're paying off. The idea was originally to stockpile cash for ahouse but then credit crunch meant better idea to clear all debts first. So yes, will have Nov and Dec panicking I'll never get a -job again off.

WideWebWitch Mon 18-Aug-08 21:23:00

(sorry everyone for banging on about my work situation btw!)

oi Mon 18-Aug-08 21:29:28

I think that's fabulous personally. January always a better time to start looking anyway.

TheDuchessOfNorksBride Mon 18-Aug-08 23:25:05

www - good luck with getting plan agreed to end Oct. Nov and Dec off would be marvellous.

Yesterdays run combined with todays 4 hours at Bedgebury (forest & adventure playground) with Archie in the sling has resulted in seriously painful legs. I've had a bath, rested this evening with feet up but no improvement so I'm making a hot water bottle and going to bed.

I've eaten 3 x cereal, prawn & salad roll, apple, raw carrots, pork & sweet chilli sauce with rice and stir fry vegetables. Brie & crackers. Lots of water. One coffee.

Very good moisturising/sun screen on face & hands, body scrub, self-tan and flexitol.

eemie Tue 19-Aug-08 10:26:18

Tenancy taken over, now we need to work out how to get in to the place without setting off burglar alarm. Moving day next Wed.

I'm a little sad www - but it's necessary for school reasons. I'm tenacious and territorial, don't cope well with moving.

Our lovely house doesn't look like selling sad so will be a bit of a millstone for a while. I'm worried about the hassle/work involved in letting, even through an agent.

Am waking at five fretting. We'll go to my sister's at w/e, to get some rest and distraction if possible.

Walking a little every day with puppy, drinking lots of water, using sunscreen even in the rain. Could be worse, could be better. Will try harder

WideWebWitch Tue 19-Aug-08 13:27:54

Hi, contract almost certainly is til end Oct, phew.

salami, Cambozola
salad with prawns
austrian smoked cheese
(dh made my lunch so I didn't know there was salami and cheese in it before I had same for breakfast! train delay meant it took THREE hours to get home last night. Maybe contract end is for best)

Saggarmakersbottomknocker Tue 19-Aug-08 15:12:37

ds2 is back - spectacularly muddy, lost the sleeping bag hmm but had a fab time smile He I now have to clean the tent and have no idea where to start or what to use. I may have to post in Camping shock!

Congrats on the run Norks - don't overdo it.

Hope you get some well earned time off www.

bundle Tue 19-Aug-08 15:14:41

hopeless lunch, spicy potato wedges, green beans and - blush - mayo

last night: roasted peppers, baby aubergines, leftover paella, cava and red wine


sunscreen? wot sun???

WideWebWitch Tue 19-Aug-08 19:58:43

gorgeous homemade burgers with aioli/horseradish mix
cava I'm afraid
but v happy, working at home tomorrow

Saggars, glad ds back in one piece

bundle, yum, have used sunscreen anyway although it's POURED down today hasn't it?!

TheDuchessOfNorksBride Tue 19-Aug-08 20:28:55

saggars - put the tent up in the garden and let the endless rain wash the mud off. grin

The aching legs were much better this morning. Did lots of boring errands, watched Olympics and then went for a long swim. So a big tick for exercise.

I've eaten 2 x cereal, ham & pickle sandwich, raw carrots, rich tea biscuit, peach, chilli & rice. Several glasses of water but still feel dehydrated.

Tick to everything else. Now off to watch Sweeney Todd and will aim to be in bed before midnight.

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