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going to a party tonight! what do I wear??

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LetThemEatCake Sat 16-Aug-08 15:35:20

It's at a house but my friend, whose party it is, is also a mum and doesn't often get out, so she said to actually dress for a party, as opposed to doing that "oh it's just at someone's else, let's just play it down" thing

so what should I wear? I have lots of clothes blush lots of dresses, nice jeans and lots of lovely tops, heels ...what do you think? Want to look like I've made an effort without going OTT

LetThemEatCake Sat 16-Aug-08 15:35:48

someone's house, I mean. Sorry. the excitement of it all is getting to me

blackrock Sat 16-Aug-08 18:54:11

Your favourate and the outfit you feel most comfortable in. I wouldn't wear a dress in this situation with my friends, but this may be different for you!

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