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Help Coco work up the courage to buy make up

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Cocobear Sat 16-Aug-08 06:17:23

I need make up, but don't currently wear more than Boots No7 tinted moisturiser (leaves my skin a bit oily, but okay). Couldn't pick a decent lipstick to save my life. Hopeless at eye makeup. I want some stuff to wear out in the evenings, special occasions, etc.

Thusly I went to the Laura Mercier counter today, and they 'did' me up in tinted moisturiser, powder and shimmery bronzy stuff, plus eyeliner and shadow. It was all most petrifying. I felt slightly anxious, looked slightly orange, and didn't buy anything because I couldn't decide if I liked it.

Does anyone else feel quietly terrified of make up counters? Is it just me?

I need their expert advice. I need their help. But they scare me.

JackieNo Sat 16-Aug-08 07:10:06

They are rather scary, I know what you mean. I'd have thought that Laura Mercier ought to have been pretty good - am a bit shock that you ended up a bit orange. From what I've seen on here, the Bobbi Brown ones can be good, and you need to specify that you don't want to look 'made up' - I think it was MrsBadger who said it usually worked well if you told them you wanted to look 'more rested'.

Cocobear Sat 16-Aug-08 17:23:45

'More rested' - I like that. Plan to try Bobbi Brown and Clinique. It's all just a bit overwhelming. I want to find some stuff that works so I can just buy it online in the future and not bother with the scary makeup counters.

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