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What would you wear to your first ever "old girls club" dinner?

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Waswondering Fri 15-Aug-08 20:51:51

I left school 15 years ago and am a lifelong "Old Girl".

For various reasons I am going to this year's annual evening dinner. I've never been to anything like this before. It's in a hotel, and I'm assuming that the majority of attendees will be approximatly 75!


What is the dress code for such an event? Do I wear a smart-yet-understated trouser suit? Or a dress and jacket?

I'm just hoping beyond hope that my 2 friends on whom I'm putting loads of pressure to attend will actually come . . .

CouldYouWouldYouWithaGoat Fri 15-Aug-08 20:55:08

wear an 80's style cock tail dress. you know lots of ruched taffeta in electric blue. and v. frizzy hair.

Waswondering Fri 15-Aug-08 20:57:40

Hmm. I'm not sure that I still fit into it 2 children later - you mean the one I wore to the School Ball in '91?

CouldYouWouldYouWithaGoat Fri 15-Aug-08 21:02:53

thats the one! surely the ruching is v. forgiving?

solidgoldbrass Fri 15-Aug-08 21:04:09

Fake tan, Porn Star t-shirt, crocs and a mooncup...

Waswondering Fri 15-Aug-08 21:05:19

It wasn't that kind of school, sgb!!

I'm thinking understated jewllery - it's the clothes I'm struggling with!!

Helium Fri 15-Aug-08 21:06:20

OOh - yes I think a nice trouser suit with a twist would be good - e.g a sparkly top underneath - something quite modern - and maybe some funky shoes. You'll want to feel comfortable but not like you are old before your time or anything..!!!

southeastastra Fri 15-Aug-08 21:07:44

wear a nice dress, what size and shape are you?

Waswondering Fri 15-Aug-08 21:11:40

Size 12, 5'7.

But tummy not the same since I had the dc, so some lovely dresses, eg nice wrap around ones, look dreadful on me though beautiful in the catalogues!

southeastastra Fri 15-Aug-08 21:12:46

you need jackieno or mrsbadger, sure they'll be along to help you

brimfull Fri 15-Aug-08 21:16:10

could you get away with this?

dressed up with fab shoes and neklace

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