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I bought these today......but I can hardly walk in them.

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LynetteScavo Fri 15-Aug-08 19:41:10

Will I look stupid stumbling out of a resturant after a few glasses of wine tommorow night?

Will they be OK with skinny jeans? Please say yes!

LynetteScavo Fri 15-Aug-08 19:41:51

Oh sorrry.....these

Nbg Fri 15-Aug-08 19:41:57

Oooh yes they are lovely.

Words will look lovely on your feet


Haylstones Fri 15-Aug-08 19:43:39

They are lovely. I'd definitely fall over in them bu if youve had a few drinks you won't care anyway grin

TanaRamsay Sat 16-Aug-08 10:02:20

You will look stupid stumbling into the resturant. grin

lazaroulovespastries Sat 16-Aug-08 10:05:23

I made the error of buying these to go to a wedding in. Spent most of it barefoot, they are sooo uncomfortable

turquoise Sat 16-Aug-08 10:27:33

I like them, but am not keen on court shoes with jeans. Are they terribly uncomfortable? At least in a restaurant you are sitting down, I'd risk it.

I am currently terribly drawn to these, total insanity.

ConstanceWearing Sat 16-Aug-08 10:29:37

What, what, what, Turquoise??? My nose is killing me and the link doesn't work grin

turquoise Sat 16-Aug-08 10:33:08

Damn, it won't do a direct link! In 'hers' (obv!) 'high heels' - 'Office plushness lace up in green velvet'.

I am trying to kid myself they'd be great with black jeans for work. In reality I'd last 4 1/2 minutes.

ConstanceWearing Sat 16-Aug-08 10:50:01

Pmsl. They are fab, but not for work now, come onnnnn...... Admit you have no real reason to buy them, but you want them and shall have them anyway grin

sueellenewing Sat 16-Aug-08 10:55:06

the office ones have a platform sole as well though which eases the height of the heel - not all that bad i reckon unless you get train to work and have long walks to and from stations!

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