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Tell me that The Love Handler by Bliss is a load of bollocks before I give into temptation and buy some

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bran Fri 15-Aug-08 14:44:05

This is it, I have a flabby tummy which is remaining stubbornly flabby while the rest of me is slimming down so I'm tempted. The logical part of me says there is no scientific basis for their claims and it's a huge waste of money. Tell me my logical part is right.

hoxtonchick Fri 15-Aug-08 14:58:43

it's bollocks. but tempting... go on wink. how is weight loss/metformin going?

bran Fri 15-Aug-08 15:07:13

I'm getting on much better with the metformin now, hardly any hasty trips to the loo. I'm just over 12kg down from December and almost exactly half way to being 'overweight' rather than 'obese'. grin My average blood sugars are pretty good too. Unfortunately my stomach seems to be the last part of me to loose fat so I'm even more apple shaped than I was, and I'm mourning the loss of at least one cup-size.

Do you think you would be able to take me handbag shopping once term starts? I'm muddling through the summer with a Next bag which is already unravelling slightly.

hoxtonchick Sat 16-Aug-08 09:56:13

oh, handbag shopping! we could attempt it with dd in tow hmm. though actually mil wants to entertain her so could hold out for that...

weight loss sounds great. 12 kg is loads. i've lost 5 kg by cutting down on chocolate which i'm rather pleased about. only, um, 18 more to go....

moondog Sat 16-Aug-08 09:57:52

Do some exercise.
Tis ridiculous, nay grossly decadent idea to buy it.

SatsumaBoogaloo Sat 16-Aug-08 10:12:59

I don't think it would work - if it did everyone would know about it.

Save your money or buy some magic pants instead.

I don't know your 'back story' but you seem to have done really well - congrats.

Slouchy Sat 16-Aug-08 10:14:40

Think it would be a temp fix - caffeine tightens skin iirc - rather than a real one.

And if you are quite overweight (which you say you still are at the mo, though WELL DONE on doing as well as you have) I suspect it would do very little. Sorry.

twinsetandpearls Sat 16-Aug-08 10:19:28

It sounds like a vibrator. In which case a good shag with you on top will burn more calories.

bran Sat 16-Aug-08 10:22:05

Yes, you're right Moondog. That Hoxtonchick would talk me into spending anything, she's toughening me up to spend a huge amount on a handbag who's function could just as adequately be fulfilled by a supermarket carrier bag. grin

I am exercising (2 hours a week with personal trainer, plus one or two cardio sessions in the gym on my own, plus walking), and my tummy is getting smaller but it's still huge in comparison to the rest of me which is shrinking and tightening much more quickly. My trainer keeps reassuring me that it my be the last bit to go, but it will go. I'm not sure that he appreciates the full horrific extent of it's sagginess though.

Congrats on the 5kg HC, I haven't been able to give up chocolate, the addiction runs too deep. Fortunately high cocoa content dark chocolate fits nicely into a low-GI diet. I really miss fruit juice and fruit yoghurt, in fact I miss all things fruity.

bran Sat 16-Aug-08 11:00:44

Sorry I took ages to post and then hopped in the shower so didn't see the posts after Moondog. You are all right of course.

I have magic pants which I will be wearing on Tuesday to convince the adoption panel that I am indeed thin enough to be a parent. T&P I will tell DH that I have been instructed to go on top by MN. grin

twinsetandpearls Sat 16-Aug-08 11:18:26

Yes that is an order. grin

hoxtonchick Sun 17-Aug-08 21:51:56

i need an evil spender emoticon .

hoxtonchick Mon 18-Aug-08 21:37:25

oooh, bran, sept 9th or 23rd any good for handbag shopping? e-mail me.

bran Mon 18-Aug-08 22:46:40

I've emailed you - my Hotmail is playing up so I've used a different address.

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