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Got my Mini Boden order today

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joliejolie Thu 14-Aug-08 11:41:02

And it is all lovely!!

Gorgeous blue boots - they are so nice and my dd loves them!!
I got the logo marl shirt in pink and blue - great vintage design and again, dd is a huge fan!! Goes perfectly with the gypsy skirt that is fantastic! The stripey tights are also essential, if not as bright as I had hoped!
Got a few stripey applique tops for dd and a cute dinosaur one for ds. Cheerful enough and we will be keeping them.
The boys washed down cargos are fab, with nice camo lining and the brushed tartan cargos are a must every year!

My favourite item of all is the orange fleece lined anorak. I wasn't sure at all, but it is a great jacket irl. Ds loves it too!

I am not praising Boden too much this year because the tops are a bit thinner and the styles tend to be same-ish every season. This is the extent of what I will be buying because nothing else really floats my bat! grin

Oh I did also buy some wellies for ds and I think he prefers them most of all!

wools Thu 14-Aug-08 11:47:27

I've just bought the same fleece lined jacket for ds but had to buy blue (although I prefer the orange) because he will wear it to nursery as well. He loves it too.

traceybath Thu 14-Aug-08 13:37:05

i've got a couple of the tops for my two sons and agree that the material is definitely thinner.

also they're very baggy - wish they were a bit more slim fitting.

4 year old loves the pirate wellies

FranSanDisco Thu 14-Aug-08 13:59:09

My mum bought dd the military pea coat in black and it's lovely and warm. I told her I liked the women's biker jacket in brown but she didn't get it for me sad. There are a few bits for dd I have my eye on but not much for ds sadly.

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