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What do we think of this jacket?

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joliejolie Tue 12-Aug-08 18:17:02

Bought this for my dd from Gap in the jellybean pink.

Is it too horsy? My dh laughed and told me it looked like what the pony club wore when he was at school. I like it, but will she look like something out of The Lady magazine with her new bright pink Hunter wellies?

pootleflump Tue 12-Aug-08 18:21:05

I love it. I tried it on dd on Sunday but it was too big. sad

LIZS Tue 12-Aug-08 18:22:06

might be a bit ott with the wellies !

joliejolie Tue 12-Aug-08 18:26:22

Okay, not with the wellies. grin

joliejolie Tue 12-Aug-08 18:28:16

TBH though, the wellies were here first and I do love the colour! It is so hard to find a nice colour in the tall wellies. For some reason they all seem to be covered in apples, flowers or spots!

pootleflump Tue 12-Aug-08 21:28:08

I'd do it with the wellies, but maybe not if I lived in a city. grin

Madigan Wed 13-Aug-08 17:38:36

Its gorgeous. and what's wrong with a pony club look anyway? She will look fab.

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