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Where can I buy online a pure wool very dark navy girls' school cardigan, age 5/6?

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Anna8888 Tue 12-Aug-08 16:56:13

My daughter's school has a dress code (rather than a uniform) and a navy cardigan is a necessity. But the only decent one I can find in the shop here (a country where uniform is rare) is 95 euros shock.

I can also go to a UK high street store as I will be in the UK before school goes back in September.

Thanks smile

EachPeachPearMum Tue 12-Aug-08 17:18:35

Would 100% cotton do instead- much easier to track down.

I got dd a gorgeous on from BabyGap recently- nice and dark navy, pure cotton, and in a sort of tricot IYSWIM- so pretty and feminine, but not OTT.

I haven't seen pure wool anything for little ones, other than baby cashmere type things.

Get a crafty mner to knit one perhaps?

savoycabbage Tue 12-Aug-08 17:21:13

John Lewis have a wool mix one.


I have been looking for a wool cardigan as my dd gets really cold but this is the only one I have found.

savoycabbage Tue 12-Aug-08 17:22:00

I want a grey case anyone knows of any.

Anna8888 Tue 12-Aug-08 17:23:01

I have a cotton one from last year that still fits. The walk to school is long and they spend a huge amount of time outside during the day in winter and she really needs a warm but fine cardigan - so wool.

Thanks for the info savoycabbage smile

Anna8888 Tue 12-Aug-08 17:26:47

I saw grey pure wool ones in Bonpoint for 75 euros shock...

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