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Holiday fashion discoveries

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janeite Mon 11-Aug-08 22:38:28

Just back from Greece, where I discovered the following, which may or or may be of interest to you!

1) Cod is clearly a genius: she MADE me buy a bikini and insisted that it wasn't black. She was right - I lived in it.
2) The only people wearing black one pieces on the beach were very old, very large and usually both.
3) The old and larger people in bikinis looked much better than the ones in black one-pieces.
4) I saw quite a few people in maxi-dresses but only one of them looked decent - the others all looked like little fat gnomes.
5) Families in matching crocs must expect to be open to ridicule.
6) The children will not need 12 T shirts each for a two week holiday; they will insist on wearing the same one for 4 days in a row, even if it is filthy.
7) Linen is crap in the heat - not only does it wrinkle, it also clings to the waist and itches.
8) Silk camisoles are fab.

janeite Mon 11-Aug-08 22:39:28

Meant may or may not, sorry.

noddyholder Mon 11-Aug-08 22:40:04

thanks am off tomorrow but am insisting on 2 maxi dersses I love them!

janeite Mon 11-Aug-08 22:41:04

Oops - sorry! Have a fantastic time - where you off to?

noddyholder Mon 11-Aug-08 22:42:36

menorca usually go to greece but wanted easy peasy this year as we are all knackered!

LetThemEatCake Mon 11-Aug-08 22:44:21

bikinis rool.

nowt wrong with black though. Can look dead sexalicious.

janeite Mon 11-Aug-08 22:44:52

Lol - we were in Zakynthos and a few of the days it was 40 degress, so it was exhausting even just lying still!

Enjoy your holiday - and your dresses!

SilentTerror Mon 11-Aug-08 22:45:05

Janeite,not style but did you read the books we recommended?

TheDevilWearsPrimark Mon 11-Aug-08 22:45:37

And cod is taking how much commision?

LetThemEatCake Mon 11-Aug-08 22:46:26

what is cod?

janeite Mon 11-Aug-08 22:47:35

Letthemeatcake - I know, I live in black usually but was glad that I'd compromised with a black and white pattern, rather than plain black.

Oh - one more discovery - hardly anybody was wearing tankinis. The only two I saw were both on young mums with babies. I took mine with me and didn't even get it out of the suitcase.

Skramble Mon 11-Aug-08 22:47:57

Noted grin I am more likely to wear a black one piece speedo suit not a flowery 2 piece but I know I should be more adventurous shouldn't I, other wise I might look like a shiney black whale.

janeite Mon 11-Aug-08 22:55:20

aww I'm sure you wouldn't look like a shiny black whale! The people in one-pieces just looked hotter and dare a say, a bit frumpy. I am now a bikini-convert and I hadn't worn one for 15 years!

Silent Terror - I read loads of books but they were mostly ones that other people had left behind as I decided I really couldn't be bothered to carry many. Nothing fantastic really and some of them out and out rubbish. I enjoyed "Notes From An exhibition" and "Anansi Boys".

"The House At Riverton" didn't do anything that "Attonement" and "The Remains Of The Day" haven't done already and since I hated both of those I wasn't blown away by this one!

I read "Sepulchre" by Kate Mosse, which kept me mildly diverted but had astonishingly poor grammar in places and felt quite emotionally bereft I thought.

I read loads of others; can't remember them all. A Nicci french which was utter tosh; a James Herbert: ditto. A Clive Barker which was okay. "The Memory Keeper's Daughter" - not gret; I quite liked the first half but then got bored of it and thought the ending was a bit of an anti-climax.
There were others but they were all pretty throwaway.

My plan is to go back to the thread now and work my way through some of them now I don't have to worry about weight allowances!

AddictedToMyEarplugs Mon 11-Aug-08 22:59:50

Janeite - what colour bikini did you wear?..I wouldn't be able to see past black if I was going to buy one.

cece Mon 11-Aug-08 23:00:02

I just got back from Spain and loads of people were wearing tankinis, not quite as many as bikinis but about 40/60 I would say. I did take a bikini but chickened out of wearing it so wore tankini the whole time.

janeite Mon 11-Aug-08 23:04:11

It was just a white background with black flowery patterns on it: it was quite a departure for me (still a bit of a goth at heart) but easier to get used to than brights. Many people had white bikinis with sort of tropical flower patterns on which looked quite nice. A lot of the beautiful young Greek girls were wearing mis-matched colours as well, such as red bottoms and ornage top etc - far too bright for my liking!

janeite Mon 11-Aug-08 23:04:41


AddictedToMyEarplugs Mon 11-Aug-08 23:11:58

Janiete - I have a sneaky feeling you are slim and tanned. I'm not sure the world is ready for my body in a bikini smile.

janeite Mon 11-Aug-08 23:16:42

I was as white as snow the first day of the holiday; almost certainly one of the palest on the beach (it's those goth inclinations again!)! I'm a size 12 but with a wobbly tummy, wobbly thighs and big norks but there were plenty of people much bigger than me, looking absolutely fine in their bikinis!

AddictedToMyEarplugs Mon 11-Aug-08 23:25:14

i'm about a size 14 and same age as you. Whenever I've been on holiday I've thought people do look better in bikinis, however big they are. Wonder why that is? Funny thing is I've never been brave enough to buy one and wear it myself. I go for the full cover up swimsuit.
We are off to Italy soon so I might get myself round the sales.

teafortwo Mon 11-Aug-08 23:40:22

Janeite... what about Greek women in the evenings or off the beach?

Any trends they are following that we aren't but look fab fab fab?

AmIWhatAndWhy Tue 12-Aug-08 00:15:25

That's because the vast majority of eat/south European women have great natural tans, a great diet, and have an inherent sense of style rather than pandering to what magazines tell them they should wear

Clary Tue 12-Aug-08 00:16:31

lol at number 6.

Went on 2-week holiday and took 4 Ts per child (tho admit did have washing machine).

I wore mostly black one-piece tho (nice one from Next). In my defence we wern't in 40-degree Greece; in fact wetsuit would have been better choice of beach wear grin

Also bought maxi dress and wore it on hot days (oops) but you can blame tmmj for that as she posted it on MN.

janeite Tue 12-Aug-08 18:51:57

God yes, once you've got a bit of a tan all the bare flesh looks so much better!

I didn't really see any Greek women out in the evenings: we were just eating in tavernas so maybe they all went to somewhere more "happening" that we didn't know about!

The English women were mainly wearing boden-esque knee length cotton skirts with camisoles and flip flops (safe but nice?) or cropped white trousers (not so nice imho). Saw a gorgeous little Swedish girl in a cotton dress with little white bloomers - made me come over all broody!

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