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birkenstocks - old lady sandals or actually not that bad?

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lizinthesticks Mon 11-Aug-08 20:38:27

Birkenstocks - ok for the under 60s or what? Need to know as there are some cheap on ebay.


cocolepew Mon 11-Aug-08 20:39:08

Only super fashionble people wear them.

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Mon 11-Aug-08 20:39:13

Stylish and comfortable imo, and I'm 32!

cocolepew Mon 11-Aug-08 20:39:35

that would be fashionable

olympicsnotfederer Mon 11-Aug-08 20:39:53


I am a very trendy person and I wear them to death.

I guess it can depend on what you wear them WITH.

EffiePerine Mon 11-Aug-08 20:40:01

how big are your feet?

big planks + birkenstocks = baaad

Dragonbutter Mon 11-Aug-08 20:40:02

they're fine by me. (30)

lulalullabye Mon 11-Aug-08 20:40:15

Check out the other posts as there have been many and the general concencious is get a pair.

brimfull Mon 11-Aug-08 20:42:15

if YOU like them get them

Lauriefairycake Mon 11-Aug-08 20:42:23

I have 8 or 9 pairs - uber trendy

fancy ones that you can't get here and cheap off (direct from germany)

lizinthesticks Mon 11-Aug-08 20:57:02

Hmmm - thanks all! My feet ain't diddy, I have to admit. However, I don't think they achieve plank status. Wait - is narrow 6 too planky??

WowOoo Mon 11-Aug-08 21:00:49

Have got through pairs of these and don't care if trendy - they are soo comfy, but a bit common now. Why? Because they're good.

it's what you wear them with that matters...that's what I say, but may well be a frump!

Get narrow if you don't have wide feet. Otherwise are very very wide!

Roboshua Mon 11-Aug-08 21:29:16

Don't care. They are THE most comfortable things you can put on your feet!!! (&I'm definitely under 60!!!)

olympicsnotfederer Mon 11-Aug-08 21:31:20

I am a 6 and don't look like plates of meat.

Don't be tempted to get a smaller size though, the fit will be wrong.

JODIEhadababy Mon 11-Aug-08 21:33:07

I'm 28 and I LOVE mine, soo comfortable (I'm a size 6 and my feet don't look too big in them!)

PInkyminkyohnooo Mon 11-Aug-08 21:34:04

I love Birkenstocks. Have not been without a pair since I was about 20 (not the samepair, as that would be daft, I'm 37 now!).

Quattrocento Mon 11-Aug-08 21:35:43

But why do Birkie addicts think they are comfortable? Birkies are ultra hard with unexpected knobbly bits on the sole ... only for those with very tough feet IMO

PInkyminkyohnooo Mon 11-Aug-08 21:38:32

If you don't et the right fit, they will be very uncomfortable. You must be getting either too big or too small. Ohterwise the footbed shape is very comfy indeedy! I do have slightly wide feet, but they are in very good condition!

glamourbadger Mon 11-Aug-08 21:52:23

I love them, my silver pair go with everything! Have been wearing various pairs since my twenties when I was a hip, young funster - am now sad thirtysomething clinging onto my lost youth...

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