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Really bad haircut....don't go for cheap EVER!

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Kally Sat 09-Aug-08 11:31:48

About 3 weeks ago, I decided to go and get a haircut. Tight budget, saw £12.50 and nice salon, went in and booked appointment.

My hair is really thick, grows heavy on top (whatever stage its in I always look like one of the Beatles if I'm not careful) I'm 51 by the way and consider myself lucky with such good hair as a few of my friends have already started that dont go out in the wind approach. Its hard to mess up my hair with a bad cut.
She asked how I liked it and she clipped away, ended up using those bulldog scissors and a blade to straggle it up. It looked ok. I rode home on my bike and went straight upstairs to wash it (cheap deal with no wash after)and as I washed it, I was gutted to se that most of my hair was in the bath!

She had scalped me. I could see my scalp at the front. It was so course and spikey... I was mortified. But dealt with it. Brushed it this way and that, (what was left of it) no jell or anything did any good as this made it go in clumps and reveal my head even more...

3 weeks down the line... my hair is dull and knackered. You'd think it would have been happy to get cropped back like that but its really in bad health. It feels dry and brittle and the long hairs (from the bulldog scissors) are wirey and pubey. Does anyone have any suggestions to bring it back to its healthy state? And why would a cut ruin the texture? The only thing I can do is wait for it to grow, and it is, but still looks miserable and wirey.

Lauriefairycake Sat 09-Aug-08 11:38:17

ooh, sorry to hear about this

when it's longer the oil would reach the ends, when short the oil washes out easier hence the frizziness and coarseness

how about using a serum, not a gel, I use Kerastase straightening balm (on hair that I never straighten) just to make my curls glossier.

TheGreatScootini Sat 09-Aug-08 11:41:06

I would go to a (different) hairdresser and get their suggestions.Most do consultations free.They kight be able to restyle what you have, or suggest the best way to style it whilst it grows out.

My hair is very thick, dry and brittle.I have found VO5 HOT OIL treatments (any supermarket) to be effective-I use once a week.Also Charles Worhtington Hair spa rescue treament (in a small bottle in Boots-its called something like that if not that exactly smile was pretty good.

Its so ruddy annoying when your hair gets stimied by some numpty who was too happy with her scissors.You should be able to ruddy sue!

mustsleep Sat 09-Aug-08 11:42:04

yes you could try a hair mask treatment or a leave in conditioner

you should have to have some sort of license to be a hairdresser!!

i asked my mobile hairdresser who has been working for ages to trim my graduated bob and she made a right hash of it - it;s only got back to normal after the last few cuts!!

now i go to a salon where at least you;ve got a bit of comeback if they make a mess of it!!

Kally Sat 09-Aug-08 12:00:40

Laurie that is obviously what is happening as I wash it every day (sometimes twice now we go swimming in the sea a lot). So, I am washing off the natural oils... So what?... should I just wet it and let it get a bit oily?

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