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I quite fancy a pencil skirt

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Stargazing Fri 08-Aug-08 21:05:15

Anyone seen any nice ones? I never wear skirts, but I think a pencil could be quite va va voom with various other bits I already have.

I'm 5,10" and a size 10, typical pear shape, big bum! This shape would look okay on me wouldn't it?

anyway, if you've seen any nice ones, would love your suggestions. Don't won't to spend a mint as wearing a new look means that I may not wear it that often!

Stargazing Fri 08-Aug-08 21:48:01

anyone think any of these are any good?

traceybath Fri 08-Aug-08 22:01:22

link just takes to a blank search page

Stargazing Fri 08-Aug-08 22:03:21

bugger. Warehouse.

this work?

Jewelsandgems Fri 08-Aug-08 22:04:53

It's a bit 'worky'.

traceybath Fri 08-Aug-08 22:06:06

i like it but can never quite pull off that 'sexy secretary/maggie gylenhall' thing myself.

what were you planning on wearing with it and when?

Flmsprrw Fri 08-Aug-08 22:07:07

a bit dull

How about one of those ones with the fishtaily bit at the back - would emphasise the voluptuousness etc

<says me with no fashion sense>

Would love a nice skirt, but have no decent shoes to go with one

Jewelsandgems Fri 08-Aug-08 22:07:52

there is this that is less worky, but - well - still not that exciting. And it is stretch satin (I.E only for the brave and those without lumps)

themildmanneredjanitor Fri 08-Aug-08 22:08:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Jewelsandgems Fri 08-Aug-08 22:10:23


Jewelsandgems Fri 08-Aug-08 22:12:14

I like this one though:

Stargazing Fri 08-Aug-08 22:15:45

I have this which I thought might be quite good with a pencil. Plus high high heels? I have some pretty fab shoes, might take away from the worky thing?

Christ, stretch satin, I couldn't. I wish!! My ass really accounts for about 8 of my 10 stone, trust me. Can big bums do pencils? J Lo has, right?

Flmsprrw Fri 08-Aug-08 22:15:54

ooh i like the oasis one and the second warehouse one

But the size 10 with a big bum thing - it can be big in proportion with the rest of your body. Not saying that SG's is big, but it can be iyswim

Flmsprrw Fri 08-Aug-08 22:16:50

Yes big bum can do pencil - it turns from big to sexy voluptuous.

I have a ledge sticky out round arse

themildmanneredjanitor Fri 08-Aug-08 22:18:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Stargazing Fri 08-Aug-08 22:23:39

lol janitor! lust on the school run.

what do you thikn with the top I linked to?

themildmanneredjanitor Fri 08-Aug-08 22:25:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

themildmanneredjanitor Fri 08-Aug-08 22:26:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Stargazing Fri 08-Aug-08 22:31:27

tucked in with a big waist cincher though?

themildmanneredjanitor Fri 08-Aug-08 22:33:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Flmsprrw Fri 08-Aug-08 22:35:52

Ooh i like tmmj link for the top! less keen on yours tbh (sorry blush)

Stargazing Fri 08-Aug-08 22:40:44

lol flmsprrw, don't be silly. I don't mind

{goes and cries about top then clocks big bum again and cries even more]

at the risk of linking to netaporter, which I know always makes people irritated, I could show you that top with a pencil and the fact that it looks good?

well it looks good on a size 8, 6ft mannequin at least [envy]

themildmanneredjanitor Fri 08-Aug-08 22:41:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mrsruffallo Fri 08-Aug-08 22:43:18

One of my outfits!
Black pencil skirt, black pumps, black polo neck.
I really like them

Stargazing Fri 08-Aug-08 22:43:31

[cries even more and reaches for the gin]

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