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'Shapewear' - Spanx, Miraclesuit - or something else?

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whinegums Fri 08-Aug-08 12:57:45

Hello, I want to get something to hold my post-baby tum in, to wear under a dress at a family party soon. Are Spanx any good? I think I need something high waisted and short style; the flab has to go somewhere and I don't want rolls of it oozing at the edges! Would be grateful for any recommendations. Ta ladies!

onceinalifetime Fri 08-Aug-08 13:08:38

I've got a Spanx bodysuit that goes right up to your bra and down to your knees - looks awful but squashes everything in. Agent Provocateur Mama knickers highly recommended too and more comfortable to be honest. I've also got a Wacoal (sp?) big knickers thing but it rolls down and is useless.

Shameless plug - I am selling a spare Spanx (brand new) one on ebay at the moment as I went mad and spent over £300 on every type of flab squashing garment I could find and will never wear them all. Spanx suit cost £50 and I think they go for about half that on ebay.

SheikYerbouti Fri 08-Aug-08 13:20:23

Spanx higher power have changed my life

Magic Knicker shop vg

I have ordered from them before, they usually deliver v quickly

miomaolalalalala Fri 08-Aug-08 13:57:39

can recommend one...called 'girl from ipanema' (i think) and makes everything smoother. from bra to above knees.

whinegums Fri 08-Aug-08 14:04:33

Thank you, knew I could rely on MN - will check all these out!

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