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Make you look slimmer Tankini>>>>>>>>>>>>anyone

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windyweather Thu 07-Aug-08 17:49:39

Any idea's were i can get one, that doesnt cost the earth. would want 2/3 if poss.

Needs to be some sort of lycra and would like it for taller length.

NigellaTheOriginal Thu 07-Aug-08 17:54:06

would the blubber not billow out between the top and bottom?

IdrisTheDragon Thu 07-Aug-08 17:55:12

I find all tankinis have the opposite effect - the blubber always seems to come out everywhere

Ewe Thu 07-Aug-08 17:55:35

Tankini's are vile. Don't do it. Get a well fitting pretty one piece!

noddyholder Thu 07-Aug-08 17:56:53

I don't like them much but debenhams have loads and do bra sizes too

Twiglett Thu 07-Aug-08 17:57:05

tankinis should only be worn by people with absolutely no excess skin or podge .. like a 14 year old really

windyweather Thu 07-Aug-08 18:00:17

Don't you think one pieces are a bit old fashioned.

Ewe Thu 07-Aug-08 18:37:35

No way, they can be really sexy, like here or here. Much better from a slimming perspective if you're not up for a bikini. Tankini's are awful, they don't look good on anyone other than skinny minnies!

windyweather Thu 07-Aug-08 18:54:10


newgirl Thu 07-Aug-08 19:02:23

I beg to differ! if you have a long body a tankini is a great way to get something that looks like a better fit than a one piece which can pull upwards and downwards feeling very uncomfy.

The shorts/bottoms tend to a more generous cut too so they tend to come up towards the belly button and hold most of the blubber in. They also look more sporty and good for chasing kids around the beach than bikinis which really dont leave anything to the imagination if you try to move in them

the one in the white company sale is nice as is the blue one fat face sell. cant do links but either of those will look pretty flattering

PrincessPeaHead Thu 07-Aug-08 19:19:06

tankinis only look good on very skinny people. who would look better in a bikini anyway

they are, I admit, useful for girls aged 10 - 13 who want to think they are wearing a bikini

woodstock2 Thu 07-Aug-08 20:45:34

HI there, JOHN LEWIS is the place! I bought a fab tankini from there,a halter neck black one and it managed to make me look thiner than I am, I also bought one of their own brand swimming costumes which have a tummy flattening section in it, they are expensive at £50 and £60 but they knocked off pounds!!!! Go there! Good luck!

Anna8888 Thu 07-Aug-08 22:02:39

Oh crikey tankinis again. They are a weird Anglo-Saxon invention that shout "frumpy white lump who doesn't have a clue how to dress for the beach". Please don't do this to yourself smile

cmotdibbler Fri 08-Aug-08 13:02:17

Here we go again. I love my tankini, and am not skinny, but mine doesn't reveal any midriff at all - shorts bottoms that come up to waist and long length top.

I have a couple from Lands End and they do co-ordinates so that you can mix and match.

Some of us need swimwear thats <gasp> not for the beach you know...

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