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Refund from Boden

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Mummyfor3 Wed 06-Aug-08 22:11:44

I just received a nice letter from Boden's Customer Care with a refund for 2 pairs of boys camouflage trousers which I bought last autumn. Both tore within minutes of wear at the knees and as both my boys loved them I had mended them so many times I lost count. angry Recently I just could not bear to fix them one more time and I became so riled that they had been described as "tough" and "hard wearing" by flipping Jonny (whose whimsical language is really beginning to grate, who advises the guy??) that I fired an e-mail to Boden not expecting much to come of it.
Imagine my delight grin! Must complain more often!
Right, I am off to Boden website to purchase something... for me grin

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