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Can someone help me out with this Isabella Oliver top?

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mybabysinthegarden Wed 06-Aug-08 21:40:34

I just got this top (in the sale grin) and, well, suffice it to say I don't quite look like the model in the picture. Can anyone 1. tell me how to wrap it and tie it at the side so I don't end up with one great long dangly tie and one little short one and 2. reassure me that parts of my flesh are not going to come peeping out between the layers when I go out and about in it?

Stargazing Thu 07-Aug-08 10:23:59

I'm sorry to say that IO stuff is TERRIBLE for this!! I can't reassure you that bits of flesh aren't going to peep out because, quite frankly, they are. Sell the damn thing on ebay, that's what I (and everyone else I know) ended up having to do.

tokentotty Thu 07-Aug-08 10:31:17

Sorry Mybaby, I'm with Stargazing. They're an absolute piggin' nightmare those tops. I've got two and have left them well and truly boxed in the loft during my current pregnancy. angry

FritziGreenEyes Thu 07-Aug-08 13:00:16

I had this top in black when pregnant with dd and absolutely loved it. You have to try several times until you get the wrapping right. The answer to question 2 is: wear a vest underneath. Good luck!

mybabysinthegarden Thu 07-Aug-08 15:19:37

Rats! Here I was congratulating myself on getting a bargain in the sale! I am going to try Fritzi's tip before resorting to ebay; dh, who never notices what I'm wearing said, "oh, nice top," when I tried it on which has convinced me that if I can get it right I will look like Angelina Jolie. If she were a size 18. With scrawny hair. And a lip reduction.

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