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Arghhhh need shoe help! Got the dress, need to find purple shoes online that will deliver before Friday!!!!

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butwhybutwhy Mon 04-Aug-08 18:11:18


But mine has purple, lilac and grey flowers on it (they dont have it online) and the ribbon on the waist is purple, hence I need purple shoes I think.

Need to be cheap because I cant afford loads atm and they are only to be worn twice at the most.
And I need them to be delivered before friday.

Not much to ask I think grin

Dont think I'm being rude if i dont reply but I've got loads to do tonight.

Thank you thank you thank you shoe gods.

(Someone get Fimbo over here)

Nbg Mon 04-Aug-08 18:12:29

Oh and its me btw.
Got sick of that name.

ShinyPinkShoes Mon 04-Aug-08 18:19:42

Oh I bought some lovely purple shoes yesterday from (of all places) M&Co

Will see if I can find online!

traceybath Mon 04-Aug-08 18:22:06


Nbg Mon 04-Aug-08 18:24:58

Bloody hell!

We actually have an M&Co here.
Nothing much else but we do have that.

tweeni Mon 04-Aug-08 18:25:27

what size?

ShinyPinkShoes Mon 04-Aug-08 18:25:50

I can't find them online but if you've got a store near you they might have them.

ShinyPinkShoes Mon 04-Aug-08 18:26:43

If you want to email me I am happy to send you a pic of the shoes so you can see if they would match and then call the store to check stock?

Nbg Mon 04-Aug-08 18:31:53

I'm a 7.

Dont think I can get to town again.
I'm just cursing cos I've just got back from town.

I've seen some at Barratts for £35.

Nbg Mon 04-Aug-08 18:33:13


They're satin though.
I will ruin them.

zippitippitoes Mon 04-Aug-08 18:33:59


tweeni Mon 04-Aug-08 18:35:11

Nbg do you have an email address. I have a pic of a very nice purple pair. Brand new never worn. A size 8 but a very small 8 (more of a 7 i think) cos they didn't fit my friend who is an 8 usually.

Nbg Mon 04-Aug-08 18:39:51

I've just looked at them zippi and I'm not 100% on them.

tweeni yes you can CAT me

zippitippitoes Mon 04-Aug-08 18:42:26

i didnt like them either lol

but they seem to be their own purple ones

i do buy their shoies normally

tweeni Mon 04-Aug-08 18:42:43


zippitippitoes Mon 04-Aug-08 18:43:03


Nbg Mon 04-Aug-08 18:46:14


tweeni Mon 04-Aug-08 18:46:35

you have mail.

TheLurkinGherkin Mon 04-Aug-08 18:46:49


TheLurkinGherkin Mon 04-Aug-08 18:49:19

But there a small 8 so useless to you lol still selling them though, brand new.

missblythe Mon 04-Aug-08 20:25:50


They do express delivery

Nbg Tue 05-Aug-08 14:28:52

I have replied to your email tweeni.

I couldnt get back on last night.

Why I didnt think about this practically when I bought the dress, I do not know.

tweeni Tue 05-Aug-08 16:49:21

She has posted a link to the pic below. I don't know if you are like me sometimes i am a 4, sometimes a 5 so a big 4 fits and a small 5. if that's the case they should hopefully fit.

Nbg Tue 05-Aug-08 16:54:13


they are lovely and would definately go with the dress but not wuite what I wanted.

I think I like the platforms too much.

tweeni Tue 05-Aug-08 16:58:45

the barratts ones? they look too chunky to me for that dress but hard to say without seeing them together.

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