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I look like cr*p, what can I do?

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MissFortune Mon 04-Aug-08 15:21:03

Had cut and colour this morning but face looks like it's 'on the slide', feel old and manky, help!!!!

shirleyghostman Mon 04-Aug-08 15:25:01

How short is it? and what shape face are you?

shirleyghostman Mon 04-Aug-08 15:25:23

Oh and what colour did you go?

nailpolish Mon 04-Aug-08 15:25:31

have a facial?
buy some lovely new products and make up?

welshmum Mon 04-Aug-08 15:27:59

Can you go to a dept store and have a makeover? Nice ladies stroking my face always cheers me up....

MissFortune Mon 04-Aug-08 15:32:36

Chin length bob, mainly brown hair with highlights. Facial pretty expensive round here. Interested in new products but need guaranteed success iyswim.

nailpolish Mon 04-Aug-08 15:34:05

do you ahve a coolege near you that does beauty therapy

you can dead dead dead cheap facials there

nothing is guaranteed unfortunately

a chin length bob is very severe - maybe get a softer cut

shirleyghostman Mon 04-Aug-08 15:41:20

OK - I assume you want to freshen up your face?

If so -

I tried this cheap treatment the other day and it worked for me.

WARNING as I am not a doctor/beautician so maybe do a test beforehand.

I got some bicarb soda and mixed it with water, made it into a paste and then exfoliated my face and neck with it, washed it off with plain water and then toned the skin with cotton wool dipped in 'organic' apple cider vinegar, allowing it to air dry. ( I stress - it did sting but as soon as the vinegar had dried - my face was glowing and felt quite tight) I have read that the vinegar reduces the pores on the face. But please do a test beforehand.

Heres a link

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