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need help with wedding outfit please! i am useless at this stuff

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voiceoffriesian Mon 04-Aug-08 15:06:23

I have bought a dress for my wedding in september
and now need a shrug to cover my arms which I don't really like. Any ideas anyone? I haven't worn a dress since i was about 7!

JumpingDizzy Mon 04-Aug-08 15:09:36

your dress

Looks lovely. Do you fancy a darker shrug?

JumpingDizzy Mon 04-Aug-08 15:11:08


JumpingDizzy Mon 04-Aug-08 15:13:11

longer arms?

JumpingDizzy Mon 04-Aug-08 15:13:41

Have you thought of a short jacket with high collar?

lilmissmummy Mon 04-Aug-08 15:15:06

oooh I like your dress it is beautiful!!! What kind of shrug are you looking for?

I am using this company for my wedding shrug they have lots of variety and can do it in lots of different colours.

How are the wedding plans coming along? When are you getting married?

blush sorry if being nosey- I am a bit wedding obssessed!!!

JumpingDizzy Mon 04-Aug-08 15:16:47


JumpingDizzy Mon 04-Aug-08 15:17:21

bolero jackets are nice.

When did you get married lilmiss?

voiceoffriesian Mon 04-Aug-08 15:25:23

Hi jumpingdizzy - I like the long armed one (really really hate my arms but the dress was in the sale and I liked it!) will have a think about that - thanks.

lilmissmummy - I will have a look at that website, thanks. We are getting married on 20th Sept and is a very small do in a registry office. It is all a bit last minute and I am now getting very panicky. Are you getting married soon?

While you are both showing an interest - the dress has gold sequin detail on it - do you think I shoud, have a gold shrug and shoes or stick with silver? Any ideas on shoes?? being cheeky I know! tee hee!
I really appreciate your help!

lilmissmummy Mon 04-Aug-08 15:33:49

I am getting married in August next year.

Ummm I think you should stick with the silver only because you can get loads of different shade of gold and you dont want to look too much like a fairy off of a christmas tree IMO grin I think you should stick to silver.

Are you having any bridesmaids????

Does anyone like their arms? grin

voiceoffriesian Mon 04-Aug-08 15:37:44

Thats what I was afraid of - I have an image of dp shielding his eyes as I appear! I'm not having any bridesmaids, it really is a tiny little last minute do. Maybe I should organise a couple so i can dress them appallingly so I look better.
No one I know likes their arms but I despise mine with a passion, I have even been doing boxercise in an attempt to get them nice. For me that really is desperate!

TillyScoutsmum Mon 04-Aug-08 15:41:07

lilmissmummy - I'm probably using that company for my wedding as well - just had some samples through

Voice - I would stick to silver

Congrats both on your weddings. If you're wedding obsessed - come and join us on our bride to be thread here

JumpingDizzy Mon 04-Aug-08 15:54:02

agree silver

lilmissmummy Mon 04-Aug-08 16:17:51

ooh thanks tillyscout may just join you there!!

Are you enjoying boxercise? It sounds a bit scary if you ask me- but then again a month before my wedding I will probably be doing the same!

Good luck!

voiceoffriesian Mon 04-Aug-08 16:38:58

Boxexercise is dreadful, lots of press ups and running. I do enjoy the punching (whilst visualising over critical mil) but thats it, the rest is hell. I want to go back to being pregnant eating maltesers by the bucketful and watching life on mars.

Just seen another shrug - can I have your opinions - too sparkly up top?

ht tp://

lilmissmummy Mon 04-Aug-08 16:46:16

Oh me tooo- I always lost weight when pregnant too- no matter how much I ate- it was excellent- and people commented on how well you were looking (well they did with my first! With my second I was always a bit green)!!! I keep trying to persuade H2B to have another especially as there is a year before we get married but he would like to wait til afterwards! sad

I cant view the link can you see if you can post it again for us please?

voiceoffriesian Tue 05-Aug-08 09:19:18

Hi, sorry for disappearing - the call of the family! Have re done the link.

JumpingDizzy Tue 05-Aug-08 12:15:18

link to debenhams shrugs

voiceoffriesian Tue 05-Aug-08 13:40:55

Doh! *slaps head*

Thank you Jumping Dizzy!

JumpingDizzy Wed 06-Aug-08 14:09:13

you're welcome smile

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