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Reaction to acrylic nails

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Freckle Mon 04-Aug-08 09:23:04

I've been having my nails done for over a year now. False tips coated with acrylic, with some nails just having the acrylic if my natural nail has grown long enough. I get them redone every 2 weeks.

I've had no problem until a few weeks ago when I seem to have reacted to the various products (not sure which one might be doing it). I get pinprick spots under the skin surrounding the nail, which itch like buggery. The skin just under the nail is reacting and weeping. I've used Piriton to reduce the itching, which works in the short-term, but I can't keep on taking that.

Anyone ever had a reaction like this? Any idea to which product I might be reacting? It could be the false nail, the acrylic or any of the products used to prepare the nail.

Alambil Mon 04-Aug-08 09:44:41

Could it be that it's too frequent?

My mum has her nails done - gels on the broken nails, her own for the rest, painted.

She gets it done every 4 - 5 weeks and has never had a problem?

Can you talk to the person that does your nails - they should know about the health side too?

Freckle Mon 04-Aug-08 10:24:37

It's never been a problem in the past and I've always had them done every two weeks - just repairs really on the nails which have broken. It's the extreme reaction which surprises me - suddenly itching and weeping. I've spoken to the girl which does my nails and she hasn't changed any products and has never had anyone have a reaction like this.

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