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Hair extensions

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shhhh Sun 03-Aug-08 22:44:33

Just wanted to start this thread for people who may be thinking of having extensions now or at a future date....

I ummmed and ahhhed over them for a while and couldn't really find any info on them on mn, only really from hairdressers on mn or people who were thinking of having them done....

Well.............I got them done eventually 10 weeks ago and love them!!! grin.

My hair was bob length and is now just past my shoulders. The lady came to my house to do them and she was recommended by my usual/local salon and worked out cheaper than a highstreet salon such as toni and guy.

Just wanted to say really that due to cost and the fact they are a big thing to do imo im glad I did it and would recommend them totally! Took around 3 hours and tbh its taken about a week to feel comfortable with them and now at 10 weeks im just at the stage where I can style and dry them without any issues, I have just had my "hair" coloured at my local salon and im even happier grin.

Not sure if this will still apply when I go to have them removed but hey ho. For the time being I would recommend them 150% !

No replies needed..just wanted to inform iykwim. x

shhhh Sun 03-Aug-08 22:47:22

btw, not one of my friends has noticed or commented..(see them every few weeks) and even my mil was shocked and commented on how nice my hair was looking and at how quick it had grown. She said to fil, my hasn't x hair grown! lol..!
People are shoced when I tell them they are extensions and the bonds are so tiny which apparently is a good thing...Means they are so much less noticable.

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