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ooh love this jacket

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southeastastra Sun 03-Aug-08 16:49:50

but think i'm too old for it.

zippitippitoes Sun 03-Aug-08 16:51:55

well i fyou are over 19 you probably are

it looks like fancy dress to me and i like quirky

think the designer had a circus theme in mind

tho if you are into my chemical romance you night carry it off

with jeans or something totally different like a really short skirt

southeastastra Sun 03-Aug-08 16:54:19

i'd have got it years ago and worn it. kids these days are very lucky - there's so much kooky stuff out there.

zippitippitoes Sun 03-Aug-08 16:55:48

i think you really do have to have a big personality and creative look all round to wwear something like that

blowsy Sun 03-Aug-08 17:08:50

Noooo! Step away. Now. grin

motherinferior Sun 03-Aug-08 17:09:09

Why don't you get it? I like it. I like the dressing-up vibe, and you're only going to think in five years' time 'oh, I wish I'd bought that jacket back then when I was five years younger...'

nailpolish Sun 03-Aug-08 17:10:15

god that is hideous

FluffyMummy123 Sun 03-Aug-08 17:10:17

Message withdrawn

nailpolish Sun 03-Aug-08 17:11:21

its too adam ant

and its too 'trying too hard'

ok if you found it in a ssecond hadn shop but not topshop

tiredemma Sun 03-Aug-08 17:12:06

All you need is a whip and a real lion!

zippitippitoes Sun 03-Aug-08 17:13:19

i agree youd have to work really hard to look like it was your own style

and i expect the fabric etc is thin and crap

motherinferior Sun 03-Aug-08 17:13:54

ah, I stand corrected, clearly you need to purchase something Tasteful and Suitable instead.

southeastastra Sun 03-Aug-08 17:34:30

i think it would suit me grin

moondog Sun 03-Aug-08 17:37:39

Ah, the circus ringmaster look.
Better than beige slacks though.

motherinferior Sun 03-Aug-08 17:37:56

Buy it, dammit. Wear it with jeans, and a lace bra underneath.

zippitippitoes Sun 03-Aug-08 17:39:15

buy it and then put a photo on your profile

Jewelsandgems Sun 03-Aug-08 20:10:58

Makes me think circus and bullfighter.

BoysAreLikeDogs Sun 03-Aug-08 20:15:18

some of us HAVE to wear one


southeastastra Sun 03-Aug-08 20:53:46

i quite like that baldy grin

i'd just love to walk into tesco wearing that jacket, i could carry it off wink

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