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never mind toddlers in viscose lilac, grown adult men in honalulu print outfits...

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DeeRiguer Sat 02-Aug-08 20:27:34

with hang dog expressions...

saw a real corker the other day..

stocky fair bloke fully outfitted in loud ziggy zag shirt and pair of shorts loud proud and awful in a different way
his gf/wife had flecks of it in her attire but he was full neck to knees in two hideous hawaian nightmare garments from hell..
he clocked my shocked, pitying glance and matched it with kinda shameful one of his own...
it was difficult to supress guffaw smile as i comprehended the sight..

what horror outfits kept you awake with laughter in the night??

its inner city london so not even sun sand 'oliday destination as such and semi acceptable ..

Roskva Sun 03-Aug-08 18:09:45

a silver lurex mini skirt worn with a hot pink lacy top, in the middle of the day, by a middle aged tranvestite (he is a really nice chap, once you get past the clothes).

Even funnier was the sight of the entire staff of the local butchers vying to rearrange the sausages in the window, just to get a better look grin

sarah293 Sun 03-Aug-08 18:35:06

Message withdrawn

DeeRiguer Wed 06-Aug-08 23:38:22

ah roskva we love our local trannie!
<dennis waterman meets grayson perry, in the right light>
and infact we saw him this week in local park with halterneck top (not a good look for him) & floaty summer skirt..
on our way home we cycled past him on his bike all nonchalant in yellow shorts polka dot blouse .. i was impressed!

riven bristol harbour, that took me a minute, crikey i was thinking blue harbour! mens label thing at m&s
the hawaii shirt, its a look that dont suit many, dontcha think, but is ultimately never gonna leave us, or so it feels..

AnotherFineMess Wed 06-Aug-08 23:44:04

<begins sentence in poncey manner> Whilst we were in Paris this weekend, a woman dressed in a neon blue smock with neon blue cycling shorts, teamed with a neon blue scrunchie & neon blue trainers walked past the <gets even poncier> pavement cafe we were eating lunch at.

The <German> man next to us started to sing 'Lady in Blue' (to the tune of Lady In Red by Chris De Burgh) so that clearly was a TRULY INTERNATIONALLY AWFUL outfit.

DeeRiguer Wed 06-Aug-08 23:56:44

sounds like sense of humour for a german! shock
i once had sit through a meal and feign laughter til face ache took over at my uncle fritz and friend talking about Big Gross Freddie (frederick the great)
wtf was not funny the first or the thirty first time .. you have to keep your gob shut if getting room and board at the rellies i guess

have you been looking around for threads to casually drop in the poncey paris references? grin..see how many you can work it in to!

ma cherie, femme en bleu.. sacre couer!
chanted like plastic bertrand!
oh christ, you are probably to young to wft i gawn about..

AnotherFineMess Thu 07-Aug-08 00:18:49

Ha Dee Rigeur!

I am Too Young to know about plastic bertrand...sounds intriguing has a certain je ne sais quoi... grin

DeeRiguer Thu 07-Aug-08 11:05:35

ah not really,
the dusts of time blown away
reveal him as shouty french pop star around punky time
one of the few to have a hit here oh,
a long time ago
i have great memory for useless crap important social and cultural detail <preen>

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