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In 13 days Im Getting Boobs : )

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spugs Fri 01-Aug-08 22:56:42

Im going from a 32 saggy AA to (hopefully) a 32 not so saggy D and I cant wait. Ive wanted this doing for years and have spent months looking into it. My surgeon is fab BAAPS registered and does NHS reconstructions etc. But Im so nervous, can anyone whos had them tell me their stories please, particularly afterwards. grin

DisenchantedPlusBump Fri 01-Aug-08 22:57:11


Good luck

hotCheeseBurns Fri 01-Aug-08 22:57:37

Hox exciting! I'm so jealous! grin

LisaLessLumpy Fri 01-Aug-08 22:58:10

Good Luck, please let us know how you get on grin It's something I have thought about too

spugs Fri 01-Aug-08 22:59:14

Thanks, ive hardly told anyone in RL so i figured id get it off my chest grin on here!

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