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Help! Need someone with knowledge of Primark stock!

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wigparty Fri 01-Aug-08 19:36:42

Please help!
Am going to a wedding this weekend. Was planning to wear a dress but my legs have mozzie bites and heat rash so it's not a good look. (Thornrose if you read this, I couldn't find the leg make-up in my boots as it's quite small and my heat rash (plus mozzie bites) is not looking so good sad).

As an alternative I have a pair of white linen trousers and a mid green camisole type top from Primark. There's quite a thick band of lace at the top and bottom (v-shape at the top and all around the bottom). I've also got a small (very short) kind of shrug cardie.

Does this sound okay? I think it looks okay but I rarely get smart and therefore have no built-in knowledge of what looks good as being smart always feels weird! Is a lacy top tarty do you think? I don't want it to be grin. It's okay for a wedding isn't it?

TIA for casting your stylish and expert eyes over this thread!

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