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Men wearing socks with sandals....

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KerryMum Thu 31-Jul-08 00:21:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

thornrose Thu 31-Jul-08 00:24:04

Should actually be illegal!

KerryMum Thu 31-Jul-08 00:24:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SNoraWotzThat Thu 31-Jul-08 00:24:48

They should be sent to hell (or to a lawn bowling club).


LynetteScavo Thu 31-Jul-08 00:25:48

I thought it was an English thing, but saw an Eastern European sporting this look in the park today. hmm

KerryMum Thu 31-Jul-08 00:27:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

OverMyDeadBody Thu 31-Jul-08 00:43:59


Why do they do it?

Definatley a look perfected by the American tourists round here, and they seem to favour white sport socks pulled uo high <shudder>

thornrose Thu 31-Jul-08 00:44:44

Bet the shorts are pulled up pretty high too?

OverMyDeadBody Thu 31-Jul-08 00:45:46

and <boak> if they team the look with a bumbag. Seriously, what are these men tihnking? the mind boggles.

Bowddee Thu 31-Jul-08 00:48:34

My DS does it. But then he's only 4.
And yes, I have tried to tell him that if it's sandals weather it's not really socks weather and his feet will get too hot. He just says he likes his feet hot.

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