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I need a new bag

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Pinkjenny Wed 30-Jul-08 12:17:54

Looking for some retail therapy to cheer me up.

I am in the market for a new bag. Has to be leather and has to be big. I have loads of bags from Dune and Zara, but none in currently that are making me grab the credit card.

Has anyone bought a new one recently that they'd like to share?

TwoWashTutter Wed 30-Jul-08 12:23:05

can't believe i'm linking to boden, but this looks nice

i also saw one in oasis recently - hang on...

TwoWashTutter Wed 30-Jul-08 12:24:13

i think this is it looked more expensive than the price, iykwim

TwoWashTutter Wed 30-Jul-08 12:26:38

or bid on a used mulberry bayswater? i have one and it'll last forever

MrsBadger Wed 30-Jul-08 12:27:35

[sulking as new house + credit crunch is severely curtailing my shopping abilities]

TwoWashTutter Wed 30-Jul-08 12:29:34

go on, mrsbee, bid on that mulberry

have a strange compulsion to do so myslef, even though i already have one hmm

TwoWashTutter Wed 30-Jul-08 12:31:43

nice if you like black bags (i don't)

MrsBadger Wed 30-Jul-08 12:32:32

I know, you bid to satisfy your urge, and I'll have the bag - sound reasonable? grin

TwoWashTutter Wed 30-Jul-08 12:33:04

grin mrsbee

lots of good reductions at jaeger

MrsBadger Wed 30-Jul-08 12:33:37


[fingers in ears]

TwoWashTutter Wed 30-Jul-08 12:33:52

this is beautiful leather

ok, i'll stop now

poshtottie Wed 30-Jul-08 13:08:29

tutter, I love the colour of that bag.

I am thinking of getting another louis vuitton. I sold my sports car last week so have a few bob floating around. smile

Pinkjenny Wed 30-Jul-08 13:13:54

Ooooh I've just come out of a meeting and am so excited by all this! I love the Whistles one.

hoxtonchick Wed 30-Jul-08 13:47:18

i want this

Stargazing Wed 30-Jul-08 17:06:04

oh, hoxton, the colour of that mabel ... mmmmmmm. Divine.

How about ignes? Lovely stuff

hoxtonchick Wed 30-Jul-08 18:49:36

isn't it gorgeous (i have a purple one from a couple of seasons ago).

Tobermory Wed 30-Jul-08 22:45:32

Oh no, disaster.
My awful bag addiction seemed to be dying off and then i saw [ Products/Ormala-0028 this lurvely bag]

I sooo want it

Tobermory Wed 30-Jul-08 22:47:32


Stargazing Wed 30-Jul-08 23:10:49

ah yes the Ormala .. definitely set to be my next purchase. What colour do you want?

Tobermory Thu 31-Jul-08 09:48:04

Don't know, that's the next problem.
Am liking the patent ones, like dark grey and also red. But have never had such a bright bag before, always tend to go for safe colours, ie. black/brown. So would i dare go for red?

Pinkjenny Thu 31-Jul-08 12:55:03

Tobermory - I have a big red leather bag from Zara not dissimilar to the Ormala - and I love it, particularly with all black.

Tobermory Fri 01-Aug-08 09:38:43

Saw a lovely bag in autograph in M&S yesterday. But it was £100, for a bag from m&s, think i have a bit of a problem with that!

Pinkjenny Fri 01-Aug-08 09:44:26

Am going shopping tomorrow and have high hopes to find one in the A/W collection at Reiss.

And I wouldn't pay £100 for a bag in M&S either.

nailpolish Fri 01-Aug-08 09:47:01

omg i am drooling at that purple mabel

i am like you tutter, i dotn like black bags

i refuse to own one

karen millen i lvoe karen millen bags. the white one is really really nice imo

Pinkjenny Sat 02-Aug-08 20:24:46

Got my new bag today in Reiss. Its a minky colour, gorgeous squashy leather, and absolutely massive.

In the sale, down from £265 to £79. Is that the bargain of the century, or what?

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