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Which one first - fake tan or hair removal?

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penona Wed 30-Jul-08 09:11:45

I am off on hols on Sunday but with 1yr old DTs have limited time for preparation! Can't get to a salon so gonna do myself.

Question is do I shave/immac legs first and then do my St Tropez fake tan, or the other way around? Plus, how long after shaving would I do the tanning (or the other way round).

Thank you!

traceybath Wed 30-Jul-08 09:14:59

I'd defnintely do hair removal first or you'll just scrape off the fake tan.

I shave in bath and then leave it an hour or so and then fake tan. I read that if you fake tan too quickly after using soap thats what makes you go orange (lisa armstrong in the times).

Good luck!

Oh and i tend to do several light coats of fake tan over a few days and top up with the everyday stuff. Doesn't take long though.

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