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Help me dress my man!!!

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mistypeaks Wed 30-Jul-08 07:39:19

I'm stuck!!! Basically for his birthday he would like some smart casual trousers. He's going out at the weekend for the first time in ages. The lads will be going to various bars and clubs etc. The town they're going in enforces a strict no trainers/jeans rule. What on earth do 30 yr olds wear? He's not a trendy trendy type and was thinking of chino type things. Something he can wear with shoes and he can dress up or down depending on the shirt. See shirts and shoes I can do. Trousers confuse me they all seem to be work trousers, jeans or combats.

maidamess Wed 30-Jul-08 07:57:41

Chinos are a bit ...dated. The trend is much more for slimmer fitting trousers. He souls get a nice pair of talipred trousers from Top Man, river Island etc, but make sure they are slim fit rather than pleated front things. Would slim stuff suit his build?

ones top left

maidamess Wed 30-Jul-08 07:58:16

He could get a nice pair...too early for me

mistypeaks Wed 30-Jul-08 08:08:42

I thought as much on the chinos. I see slim fit everywhere, but he is a big chap. Ex Ice hockey player grin thighs like tree trunks (in a manly sexy way, not a big fat way). I'm not sure he'd get in them much less get away with them!1

maidamess Wed 30-Jul-08 16:19:42

If he is large of thigh, look for flat fronted rather than anything with too much fabric in them. The assistants in the shops should be able to point things out to you.
Happy shopping!

mistypeaks Thu 31-Jul-08 09:00:46

Thanks for your help. I got some grey/black moleskin type flat fronted trousers, which are straight but not overly skinny. Smart but not stepped out of the office. And some thin cords for a more casual look. A nod towards the chino in him, but trendier!! Actually I really really like them.
Can't wait for him to try them on!!

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